Tom Henderson is on a hit game: Lots of Starfield, no Avowed, Hideo Kojima and Forza: Lots of Starfield, with no Iwo and No

August 19, 2022

According to an insider, the show will feature 20-30 games. There will not be any Obsidian role-playing games. However, 45-25% of the time will be dedicated to Starfield which is due to be released in early 2023. Henderson is also waiting for a smaller Bethesda game. The show will also feature games from Microsoftthen studios. It will include a leaked addition to Forza Horizon 5dedicated Hot Wheels, as well as Forza Motorsport. These could be released in spring 2023, or earlier. They should show us something new Halo. The insider isn’t believing in the truth in the rumors regarding Gears of War and the remasters of Part 1.

Henderson says that he will be looking at Hideo Kojima as he talks about his cloud game, Overdose. The trailer is not worth the effort. The trailer doesn’t show any games, EA and Dead Space 2 are not on the show. However, insiders think that we won’t soon see a remake the original Splinter Cell. Although the game is in development, Henderson doesn’t believe there will be many Ubisoft titles.

According to insiders, the future of the games as well as their owners is very bright. Final word: Microsoft has not forgotten Game Pass. It appears that all of the games from the show will be available through the service. They also have many surprises in store!

Let’s see what happens tomorrow at 20:00 Moscou Time with the Xbox and Bethesda gaming consoles. We will publish updated information about the movie, as well as notes on major announcements and trailers. We remind you that the PC Gaming Show will be held today at 22:30 Moscow Time.

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