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Top 10 Superman Graphic Novels From The Last Decade

Top 10 Superman Graphic Novels From The Last Decade

As the only superhero of its kind, The Man of Steel has one of the most prolific publishing stories of any comedian electronic book character. So, if one looking for a good place to begin their research about the character, their best option is to go with graphic novels that are book-length, which are usually free of the burden of shared comic E-book universes.


With so many options to choose from, graphic novel study lists tend to focus on classics that have been around for a long time. But, the past decade has some excellent Superman comics that are suitable for fans of both older and modern. Additionally, those who prefer modern storytelling styles may find these comics easier to read than the comics of the past.

10 Superman Vs Lobo Was An Epic Sci-Fi Comedy

Superman and Lobo. Lobo is exactly what it sounds like an action-packed sci-fi film that is based on a contest of wits between Man of Steel & The Main Man. The writers Sarah Beattie and Tim Seeley have a lot of fun playing with the dynamic of their characters that draw on the contrast between the quiet and compassionate Superman and the loud-mouthed, and sarcastic Lobo.

There’s also some witty humor about the digital age and contemporary politics that makes good use of Lobo who is arguably the biggest troll in comics. Additionally, Arif Pianto’s fluid, cartoon-style artwork is an excellent way to take advantage of his Black Label imprint’s status, larger web page size, and color inventory.

9 Superman Red & Blue Was A Shockingly Consistent Anthology

Superman Red & Blue was published as an anthology collection exclusively by using black and white blue, and crimson. It was awe-inspiring with the winner of an award, Batman: Black & White short stories of the 2000s. The comics comprised eight-page stories created by the top creators in the genre, with a style that was similar to the likes of John Ridley, Wes Craig, Francis Manapaul, and Mark Waid.


Although short story collections are often a mess, Red & Blue featured a nearly perfect batsman’s typical. The stories had been inspirational, heartwarming, and fun, with a variety of elements from the various mythologies of Superman.

8 Robert Vendetti Crafted The Perfect Model For A Modern Superman Run

This graphic book, Superman: The Man of Tomorrow: Hero of Metropolis, collects all eleven pages Robert Vendetti wrote for DC’s modern, technologically-minded Superman collection. The brief run, which was largely drawn by Paul Pelletier, was a masterclass in the way to create a continuous Superman collection that is appropriate for today’s time.

Vendetti presented a shrewd and realistic portrayal of Superman’s gang and traditional style, putting in addition to a few modern elements. The majority of the points emphasized self-contained stories that seamlessly melded motion speech with well-timed political commentary and positive themes.

7 Up In The Sky Was A Bold Take By Modern Masters

Tom King made a profession in delving into the secrets of superheroes’ personalities which makes him a fascinating choice for a character that is just as well-adjusted as Superman. A few fans might be confused by the way King portrays Superman but that’s normal when you make an attempt to delve beneath the surface of an iconic icon.

The storyline for Superman: In the Sky within the Sky is about the hero traveling through outer space to save the young lady who has been taken by a group of nefarious aliens. The art direction is done by Andy Kubert – one other well-known Batman creator who stunningly creates every web page in the traditional Kubert design.

6 Family Adventures Is The Perfect All Ages Superhero Comic

Superman: Family Adventures, by co-writer and artist Art Baltazar and co-writer Franco Aureliani, is an ideal gift for the child who is engaged in Superman. The collection of 12 issues was created in the context of the artistic team’s Eisner Award-winning tiny Titan collection.

Family Adventures is an excellent introduction to the mythology of Superman and a providing solid. It’s packed by Cartoon Network antics, cheeky jokes, and generally positive vibes. Additionally, Baltazar & Franco just recently published a unique graphic novel called the Superman of Smallville, which can also be a deal.

5 Superman ’78 Is A Worthy Sequel To The Landmark Film

Superman: The Motion Picture is the standard for the origin stories of superheroes in cinema, while simultaneously improving and adjusting its materials. Filmmakers have put forth a myriad of attempts to recreate the magic of the first film with a lot of disappointing results.


After a long time for a new book, writer Robert Vendetti and artist Wilfredo Torres have finally released an impressive sequel in the form of Superman I & II, although it’s in comic book form. Vendetti & Torres show a thorough understanding of the Superman universe while advancing the story in exciting ways. They present a new version of Brainiac who is a dead singer for David Bowie.

4 Superman Vs Imperious Lex Was A Satirical Space Saga

The Flintstones The creative team comprised of creator Mark Russel and artist Steve Pugh created their signature blend of well-timed comical wit, hilarious humor, and crazy sci-fi to DC’s top superhero in Superman against. Imperious Lex. The comedy stars an older Lois & Clark who’ve turned out to be ambassadors for The United Planets.

Superman and his partner eventually meet up with Lex Luthor, who has become the ultimate Lexor and is the one who commands the fervent dedication of his subjects. This original Superman story is included within The Future State of Superman along with other practical tales such as Future State House of Eland Future State: Kara Zor El, Superwoman.

3 American Alien Chronicled Key Moments In Clark Kent’s Development

Chronicle screenwriter Max Landis added a number of current details about Superman’s first days within Superman: American Alien. Seven chapters were illustrated by completely diverse artists, including Joelle Jones as well as Nick Dragotta, to match the actual time frame of the lifespan of a younger Clark Kent.

The stories range from atypical childhood memories to coming-of-age tales to younger romantic romps and close with a grim motion-picture sequence that could teach Zack Snyder a factor or two about urban super-fights. American Alienproves how Superman is not just an image, but a fascinating character with his own uniqueness.

2 Superman & The Authority Was A Comic Rockstar’s DC Swan Song

The collected edition of Superman and The Authority is being launched in the month of November 2022. it’s certainly worth the waiting. This collection is the (allegedly) ultimate DC Comics work by author Grant Morrison, with artwork mostly provided in the form of Mikel Janin.

Top 10 Superman Graphic Novels From The Last Decade

The comic depicts an older Superman returning to contact with the more radical personality that he was in his youth (and throughout the Golden Age of comics). Superman, The Authority, and The Authority is about wanting to leave behind a better world to be a part of the new as well as facing the limitations of aging. In the end, it’s an intimate goodbye for The DC Universe from one of many amazing comics.

1 Superman Smashes The Klan Will Be On The Top Of Every List

The critically well-known comic artist Gene Luen Yang was some of the most exciting choices DC has ever had to be their biggest Superman comic. Unfortunately, the short run was slowed by an awkward crossover. In the status collection, Superman Smashes The Klan! illustrated by the art Studio Gurihuru, Yang lastly let loose on the character, and WOW, did he look like a superhero.

In the Nineteen Forties, a real-life spy assisted in foiling Ku Klux Klan actions by sending messages using the Superman radio show. The storyline of the radio program was based on the plight of Asians in the Asian American neighborhood, which Yang utilized as an inspiration for his popular interlude story. Superman is an escapist depiction of the experience of immigrants in America and Superman smashes the Klanlives in the spirit of the concept with a healthy amount of humor and an incredibly hearty heart.