Top Gun 2 Maverick – Lady Gaga contributes song to the sequel

Music was a major factor for music in Top Gun . Think about the duet of Tom Cruise and Anthony Edwards with “Great Balls of Fire”, “Highway to the Danger Zone” by Kenny Loggins or “Take My Breath Away” by Berlin To which one or both played in the bracket of the 80s blues were danced to. Lady Gaga will now continue the tradition. She tweeted that she contributed a song for Top Gun: Maverick.

She said:

When I wrote this track in the film Top Gun: Maverick I was unaware of the many layers that it covers throughout the movie, as well as my personal mental health, and the nature of the world that we live in. I’ve been working on the song for a long time, perfecting it, and trying to make it my own. I’m extremely thankful to Tom [Cruiseand Hans [Zimmer and Joe [Kosinski] for the chance – and it’s been an amazing collaboration with them. I, BloodPop, Ben Rice and all the other people who collaborated with us on this project are eager to share the song with you. The track is a letter of love to all the world’s people during and following a very hard period. I’ve been wanting you to listen to it for years. I’m so thrilled to present you the song on the 3rd of May. “Hold My Hands”.

For Part 2, Tom Cruise slips back in The role of Pete Mitchell aka Maverick after more than 30 years. Tom Cruise is no longer in the cockpit however, he is an instructor in flight. During his career, he comes across the son of late Nick “Goose” Bradshaw and is willing to take him under his wing.

Alongside Tom Cruise, Top Gun 2: Maverick will also feature a reunion of Val Kilmer, who will reprise his role as Iceman. Other actors who will be in the film is Miles Teller ( War Dogs , Fantastic Four ), Ed Harris Glen Powell ( The Expendables 3 , Hidden Figures ), Jennifer Connelly ( Noah, Hulk ), Jon Hamm ( Mad Men , Baby Driver ) as well as Monica Barbaro ( UnReal , Chicago Justice ) joins the party.

top Gun: Maverick hits the theaters on May 26th.

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