Top MapleStory Private Servers (2022)

Top MapleStory Private Servers- A list of the best PS, including links to which you can access directly and a description of each.


Maple Legends: Top MapleStory Private Servers

Maple Legends Private Server > Here


Experience the MapleStory of 2008 from

MapleLegends was created in August 2014 to create the best pre-Big Bang MapleStory MapleStory gaming experience. We have tried to replicate GMS cerca 2008 in every way possible. Many of our features and NPC text match GMS perfectly. MapleLegends went from Alpha to Closed Beta in December 2014. It was converted from Closed Beta to Open Beta in January 2015. Officially launched on April 1, 2015

Maple Royals Private Servers by Top MapleStory

Maple Royals Private Server > Here

MapleRoyals has everything you missed back then. Now it’s all here! While we try to keep the server as nostalgic and add custom content (such hairstyles, faces, and NX items), it does not affect the gameplay that many of us miss.

MapleStory Private Servers Top MapleStory – Ristonia

Ristonia Private Server >


Ristonia is a modern server that offers unique and custom content. It is designed to deliver a captivating experience. We aim to make the game as simple and stable as possible for everyone.

MapleStory Private Servers Top MapleStory – Aries MS

Aries MS Private Server >

Are you looking to have the best Maplestory experience possible? We are here to help! AriesMS strives for the best possible gameplay and stability. We strive to be more than the Maplestory servers that remain in mediocrity. Enjoy 5th job, modern gameplay, the latest classes, balanced progression, and content that is specifically tailored to you!

Maple Saga Private Servers Top MapleStory – Maple Saga

Maple Saga Private Server > Here

Do you want to go back in time but don’t have the time for HP wash? MapleSaga (8xEXP), an old-school private server with a unique twist, is a great alternative! Never HP wash again You’ll love our rebalanced skills and Monster Carnival PQ, Pink Bean boss, and many other great features. Access thousands of haircuts and NX for FREE!


Top MapleStory Private Servers- Phoenix Old School

Phoenix Old School Private Server > Here

Phoenix is the only server that allows you to experience MapleStory’s evolution like never before. Phoenix is the only server that offers authentic MapleStory. It’s a 1x, 1x and 1x job server. There are no hp washing or pay-to-win requirements. Many features work exactly like original maple.

Top MapleStory Private Servers- Arboren MS

Arboren MS Private Server > Here

Arboren [v217] (2x/2x/1x), Multi-Region – We know what you want and we can deliver it in a way that is unique to your region (EU/NA/SGD). Weekly updates and unlocking new possibilities!


Top MapleStory Private Servers Kalluna

Kalluna Private Server > Here

This ambitious server aims to restore the nostalgia of Early Post BigBang content. It offers a more balanced gameplay and improvements towards peer-to–peer aspects with absolutely no P2W.

Top MapleStory Private Servers Windia

Windia Private Server >

Windia is a stable, professionally-developed v84 private server. It has a lot of custom features and quality-of-life enhancements.


Story MS PS

Story MS Private Server >

A v83 server that features modern gameplay mechanics and custom features

Clover MS PS

Clover MS Private Server >

Maplestory from the old school has many unbalanced skills. We had to rebalance a skill and create a role for each class. To ensure that each class has their strengths and weaknesses, skills had to be rebalanced.


Bboki MS PS

Bboki MS Private Server > Here

Old School Gachapon System with Daily Quests and Online Rewards High rates achieved right the first time! Our laid-back training system, close knit community, and beautiful aesthetics will impress you! You have a variety of widescreen options, variable rates and thousands of rare cash items. We also offer professional staff, rebalanced map, weapon crafting, and frequent GM events.

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