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September 23, 2022

Are you seeing Sarah Connor? It’s not, this is The Tower of Fantasy’s Hilda and her chain gun, The Terminator! Learn more about her talents and matrices, the best weapons, and much more here.


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It’s not easy to be in love with Tower of Fantasy’s Hilda right from the moment you meet her to the moment you arrive to Banges Port. Hilda is a cheerful, enthusiastic young lady who tackles every obstacle with a positive, bright attitude, and is always willing to assist those who need help. Although the weapon she uses, The Terminator, maybe a bit slow, it’s still able to be a powerful weapon when you need it.

To assist you in getting a grip on this adorable Banges gal and her huge gun, we’ve created our Tower of Fantasy Hilda build guide. It covers her abilities and attacks, banners, the best matrices, and much more, you’ll be the master of The Terminator, yelling ‘I’ll return soon!. Is that a dated reference? No, it’s old-fashioned.


To find out how Hilda compares to other Simulacra, take a look at the Tower of Fantasy tier list. We also have builds guides for each of those other Tower of Fantasy characters such as the Tower of Fantasy’s Echo, Tower of Fantasy’s Claudia, Tower of Fantasy’s Cobalt B and many more.

ToF Hilda


  • Who is Hilda?
  • Banner
  • Build
  • Stats about weapons
  • Attacks and Skills
  • Advancement
  • Matrices
  • Material for upgrades
  • Comps for teams
  • Gifts
  • Awakening

Who is Tower of Fantasy’s Hilda?

Hilda is a warm, but a bit forgetful, gun-toting girl who hails from Banges Port, known by the people of all towns regardless of the consequences in regards to her history of eating snacks instead of working in the local restaurant. She is loved for her kindness and tactful negotiation skills, which has led to her being a celebrity and all the children from the port adore her.

Hilda has been identified as one of the SR Simulacra who is armed with a massive chain gun made of ice called The Terminator.


What is the Tower of Fantasy banner? Hilda’s banner?

Hilda is an SR simulacrum that can be found with any standard or limited weapon banners. You’ll get one simulacra weapon from SR every 10 pulls, which means it should not be a problem to acquire a couple of copies.

For more information on drop rates as well as currencies, drop rates, and more, read the Tower of Fantasy banners guide.

What’s the top Tower of Fantasy Hilda built?

Hilda’s firearm, The Terminator, offers an incredible range of fire with its standard gun which allows the user to move around while you shoot. It is slowing you down however, its incredible debuff to ice that is applied by fully charged attacks is worth it by freezing enemies for two seconds and freezing them in six seconds. This makes it a great option when facing Robarg, the Tower of Fantasy world boss Robarge.

If you advance to three stars or more, The Terminator becomes one of the most potent SR weapons. The base damage and shatter is increased when you break the ice shell. Also, the ammo capacity grows which can help fight one of the weapon’s major weaknesses.

But, when you’re in the turret, you’re extremely vulnerable to attack from the enemy. You’re not a target for hitstun or control effects for the duration of, however, that doesn’t prevent opponents from advancing and taking you down five ways from the day. So, it’s best to play The Terminator in turret mode in the presence of a team that can stop the aggro from you.

What is the Tower of Fantasy Hilda’s weapon statistics?

This page lists the primary stats of Hilda’s weapons, The Terminator. These are the weapon’s basic statistics before you can increase its level and equip it with one of the matrixes.

The shatter ranking determines the speed at which The Terminator can break enemy barriers, while the charge rate indicates how quickly the weapon acquires charge.

  • CS: 47
  • Shatter: 10.00 (A)
  • Charge: 10.00 (A)
  • Attack: 11
  • Resistance: 2
  • HP: 753
  • The type is Ice shell – when your weapon is fully charged it freezes your targets for two seconds, and then leaves them frozen for six minutes. If you crack the frozen shell, it can cause additional damage that is equal to a certain percentage of the attack. When you are frostbitten, your target’s charge rate for weapons is decreased.


What is Tower of fantasy’s Tower of Fantasy Hilda’s abilities and attacks?

Normal attacks

Skill Effect
Normal attack Press normal attack and switch into aim mode. Use a normal attack until it fires continuously for as many as 40 shots. Each shot causes damage equivalent to 11.4 percent of ATK +. Double damage is dealt when you score the headshot or hit an opponent’s weak spot, knocking them down (headshots aren’t effective when compared to other Wanderers)


Skill Effect Cooldown
Turret Set turret mode on and shoot massive energy orbs, each dealing damage of 213.3 percent from ATK +11 and sending the target in the air. You will be immune to hitstun and control effects when creating the turret. 3.5 seconds

Discharge skill

Skill Effect
When the charge of your weapon is complete or Phantasia is activated When Phantasia is activated, switch to this weapon to rid yourself of any debuffs. Then, shoot an arctic beam that deals damage equivalent to 329.2 percent of ATK +17 while inflicting an effect of freezing for three seconds. Also, it reduces the frost resistance of your target 50 percent for 10 seconds

Tower of Fantasy Hilda’s advancement

You can upgrade Tower of Fantasy weapons by using the fusion cores that they come with which are obtained when you collect more than one character. Once you’ve got the first version of Hilda and her weapon, you are able to purchase a second copy at the Commissary’s store for weapons for 35 gold in black. You can also purchase an identical copy version of Hilda by pulling the banner.

You can advance your weaponry by spending on gold and fusion cores. You can also unlock special bonuses. These are the rewards you can get by unlocking all of Hilda’s advanced stars.

  • One star: every successful normal attack increases the damage by 1% over up to two minutes (stacks as high as 15 times). Also, increases ammo count by 60
  • Two stars: Increases the weapon’s base attack’s rate of increase by 10 percent
  • Three stars: within ten seconds of switching weapons it will increase the damage of normal attacks, and shatters by 30 percent. The cooldown is set at 25 seconds. Ammo is increased to 80
  • Four stars: increases the current weapon’s base attack rate by 20 percent
  • Five stars: reduces the cooldown of normal attacks when in the turret mode by 2 seconds
  • Six stars: within ten seconds after switching to the weapon it will increase the damage for normal attacks and shatters by 60 percent. The cooldown time is 25 seconds.


What is the most effective Tower of Fantasy Hilda matrix set?

While Hilda has her own set of matrices as a great SR backup option but she is more effective using Samir’s matrices since they focus on the art of shooting. Alternately, you can mix one of the Samir’s sets and Tsubasa’s to get the most out of the Terminator’s arsenal.

As a substitute for R-ranks, it is possible to add Hilda by equipping her with Functional Dash for a tiny boost to the damage you receive from frost.

Set of ToF matrix Rarity Effect
Tsubasa SSR Two-equipped can increase the damage dealt to players by 14%/16%/18%/20%, if there aren’t any enemies within 4 meters
Four is equipped: upon landing a headshot or using Icewind Arrow: Piercing Shot increases attacking power by 150%/18%/21%/25% over eight seconds
Samir SSR Two-equipped: increases your damage progressively by 1% after hitting an object. It can be stacked up to 10/13/16/20. The time is 1.5 seconds
Four-equipped: increase Dual EM Stars the electrical blast destruction by 16%/22%/30%/40% attack
Hilda SR Three-equipped: increases attack by 15%/19%/22.5 percent when there aren’t any enemies within six meters
Functional dash R Three equipped increases the damage caused to frost weapons by 6 percent

What is the Tower of fantasy Hilda’s upgrades?

If you want to upgrade Hilda to Hilda, you will need the ice core, nanocoatings along with nanofiber frame. You can find boxes with nanocoatings and nanofiber frames in prizes through Dimensional Trials, Interstellar Exploration Omnium Beacons, and the store for weapons. You can locate ice core when playing around, or using the elemental ore boxes. To find more information on where to locate items, take a look at the Tower of Fantasy map guide.

What are the top Tower of Fantasy Hilda team Comps?

Hilda is a great player in an elemental tri-team with Nemesis from Tower of Fantasy and King from Tower of Fantasy. King is a fantastic shield breaker and fast melee damage while Nemesis is a powerful healer, with a tremendous ability to take you through the majority of fight situations.

What are the most valuable Tower of Fantasy Hilda gifts?

When you are choosing presents for Hilda Keep in mind that her most loved labels are those that come from a limited-store like figurines, toys, or figurines. The best gift would be The Limited Tata Figure, which provides you with 80 points of awakening each time you give the figure to her. Go through the Tower of Fantasy gifts guide to learn more.


What are the Tower of fantasy Hilda’s rewards for her awakening?

Gifts from Hilda earn you awakening points. If you reach certain milestones in your awakening You also get access to Recollection rewards. These are the entirety of Tower of Fantasy Hilda’s rewards for awakening.

Be aware that you are able to use an unlocked Simulacra trait without changing its appearance. To do this, toggle the switch to use the Simulacra trait’ button beneath it on the Simulacra choice page.

Awakening points Recollection rewards
200 Hilda avatar
600 Conversation log
1,200 Hilda: pedal to the Metal attribute – when Hilda is driving her speed is increased by 77 percent
2,000 Conversation log
3,000 Conversation log
4,000 Hilda Full-Speed Drifting when Hilda makes use of a vehicle her speed increases by 10%.

This concludes the Tower of Fantasy Hilda guide. To experience more exciting adventures, look at our guide to the most popular games such as Genshin Impact.

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