Two Point Campus release date set for May

Sega as well as Two Point Studios announced the Two Point Campus release date on May 17th, when the management game for colleges will be available for PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X and S. They also announced they will be releasing Two Point Campus will be accessible from the beginning of the day using Xbox Game Pass and PC Game Pass and will be following it’s predecessor Two Point Hospital on Microsoft’s game subscription service.

Two Point Campus puts players within the halls of their own school, and leaves them with the responsibility of constructing its facilities and preparing it to ensure academic achievement. The GamesRadar’s Rachel Weber got the chance to talk to Two Point Studios co-founder Mark Webley to discuss the release of a brand new Two Point Campus preview and he explained that there’s more involved in managing a college than simply making sure that the classrooms are set up correctly. If students aren’t talking about the parties they had for years and decades after what did they do to have to go to your school?

“Here we’re kind of worrying about educating them – of course, because that’s the Campus bit – but that social side, their happiness, is just as important,” Webley explained. “Anyone that went to college or university doesn’t just say ‘I had some really great lecturers’, they talk about the parties and the relationships they had. And we wanted to get into that more than we had done in Two Point Hospital.”

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