Ubisoft’s free-to-play battle royale Hyper Scape is shutting down after 18 months

Ubisoft announced that Hyper Scape will be shutting down 18 months after its launch and its servers will be taken offline.

“We have made the hard decision to stop development of Hyper Scape, and the game will be shut down as of April 28th,” reads a update(opens new tab) Ubisoft. “We wanted to create a fast-paced, vertical shooter experience. We are grateful to the community that supported us in this endeavor. We will incorporate key lessons from this game into our future products.

Hyper Scape started off with a promising start, at least for a free-to play battle royale. It launched in open beta in July 2020. Although we had fun with the beta, we felt its combat was not up to par with its competitors.

“I spent three hours working on the tech test build. I am not convinced that its gunplay is as robust or satisfying than its peers.” This excerpt was taken from our handson preview. Mixed reactions from both players and critics have also contributed to the disappointing figures.

Ubisoft acknowledged that Hyper Scape was not meeting expectations in October 2020. They promised a few major updates to combat, difficulty and the new player experience. Ubisoft didn’t say why they were pulling the plug on Hyper Scape.

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