Upcoming Valorant Daedalus weapon bundle has leaked

September 19, 2022

A Valiant leak provides some new information about the coming Daedalus Skins for weapons!

Valiant leaks have revealed fresh information about the forthcoming Daedalus Weapon bundle!

The new Valiant Vandal skin Daedalus was leaked earlier by one Twitter user named xtr_cs as well as Titanmail Vandal and a different Vandal cosmetic product. Daedalus was rumored to be coming soon. Daedalus bundle was supposed to be out by August 2022, when Valorant announced the new weapon skin in a tweet that was later deleted. According to the Twitter account, Valorleaks post that was deleted stated that Daedalus skin was an idea that was originally conceived in the Valorant Beta release. Valorant Beta release.

Recently, new information about the Daedalus weapon bundle has been revealed on the internet. According to a Twitter user named floxay floxay Daedalus bundle could include five weapons:

  • Daedalus Melee
  • Daedalus Phantom
  • Daedalus Vandal
  • Daedalus Sheriff
  • Daedalus Judge
  • Spray/ Gun buddy/ Player card

Upcoming Valorant Daedalus weapon bundle has leaked

The leak also revealed that each skin of the weapon that is included in the bundle may be bought at 2175 VP and the melee skins can be bought at the equivalent of 4350 VP. If you are looking to purchase the entire collection can buy the bundle at 8700 VP.

The Daedalus skin pack is thought of as an Exclusive Edition level of Valorant skins that will be the follow-up to the previous Exclusive Edition collection The Prelude to Chaos which is available in Act 5 of Episode 5. This means that the Daedalus collection could also include distinct animation, VFX, and even a finalizer. Players can also activate other features via the provided Radianite Points.

The previously leaked images that were leaked of the Daedalus bundle indicate that the skins for weapons are also available in three colors that players can purchase with RP. When the bundle launches on September 21, at 2:00 pm PDTand September 22 at 22:30 AM IST at 2:30 AM IST, the Champions 2022 bundle and Kohaku & Matsuba bundles will not be available on the game’s in-game storeThis means that players can be expecting that the Daedalus Skin collection replacing the current bundles at the time of the above dates. However, leaks could change and Riot is yet to confirm the date for the release of the Daedalus Weapon bundle.


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