US authorities want to force Apple to switch from Lightning to USB-C in iPhone

This week it was announced that it was announced that the European Union officially announced that in 2024, all devices are required to have an USB-C port for charging their batteries. Senators have today called on to the US Department of Commerce to adopt a similar approach to avoid confusion about the absence of standards for compatibility to charge.

The letter, signed of Senators Ed Markey, Elizabeth Warren and Bernie Sanders, was sent to the Secretary of Commerce at the University of California, Gina Raimondo. Senators argue that the absence of an US interoperability norm could cause problems such as pollution and e-waste, as well as in part is a burden on consumers.

Senators said that proprietary charging standards, such as Apples Lightning port is an example of planned gadget obsolescence which is used to justify massive expenditures and frustrates users and causes fuel waste.

The senators say they believe that the USA should follow suit with regard to the Single Charger standard provides an illustration of an industry that is fighting to limit the use of cost.

It is likely Apple will respond prior to US authorities adopt an all-inclusive standard for chargers. Additionally to that, an iPhone will come with a USB-C port up to 2023. With no ports, the goal of Apple is to develop an iPhone.

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