US’ Nike reveals 2022 Men’s National Team collections

September 19, 2022

American sports brand Nike has announced its football-themed 2022 National Men’s Team collections. The collection is inspired by the cultures of different nations. For the first time, more than 75 percent of the Nike Football apparel collection is constructed from 100% recycled polyester. Nike has made use of its own technology and design to create a range of lifestyle items for women, men, and children.

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The kits for both training and kits are backed by Nike’s Dri-FIT ADV fabric platform for apparel, as per an announcement from Nike. Match kits and training clothing incorporate rigorous information with a comprehensive computational design, based on a model that is 4D to produce an innovative light kit. The brand new seamless kit has been created pixel by pixel to ensure the most precise reinforcement and airflow for a distraction-free experience. The training kits’ fresh distinctive design also features flowing cut lines which run all over the shorts and shirt while the athlete is moving.

“Our new team collections represent the latest example of how we serve athletes with pinnacle product innovation from Pitch to Street,” said Scott Dixon, Director of Global Men’s Football. “With 5 billion football fans around the globe, there’s no sport that is more a catalyst for people to come together than football. This is why we’re committed to bringing our best on the world’s largest stage, as well as everywhere else. We’re also committed to building the most vibrant, joyful Nike football fanbase ever.”

The Nike 2022 Men’s National Team collection has been inspired by the following nations:

Brazil 2022 Brazilian collection features unique patterns of once-pintada knitting that are part of the team’s home kits, as well as prints on the sleeves of the away kit. The jaguar or once-pintada is a popular national symbol of strength and grit and represents the Brazilian team’s play style. Dynamic yellow, Green Spark, and Paramount Blue, symbolising the Brazilian flag, are featured in distinct styles in both kits. They also include hidden symbols like the ‘discoverable’ Brazilian flag design on the front of the home kit’s placket, as well as the ‘Garra Brazil’ (‘Brazilian Grit’) design on the inside rear of the shirt. It is an ode to Brazil’s strength and resilience and is an ode toward the claw of the once-pintado.

US' Nike reveals 2022 Men's National Team collections

France The latest French collection celebrates France Nouveau or New France. It is a combination of France’s history and the future. The olive branch and oak leaf design of the home kit symbolizes solidity, strength, and peace. The classic French design clues include a tricolor insertion on the short as well as a jacquard-printed sock and cuff, as well as gold-colored details. The graphic for the away kit is a tribute to French Toile de Jouy is comprised of the iconic French as well as Les Bleu’s imagery like the Cockerel as well as botanicals as well as the Arc of Triomphe and Clairefontaine.

Netherlands 2022:

Dutch kit for home features an enthralling swirl made of Orange Peel as well as Laser Orange, which evokes the lion’s mane that is the traditional symbol of the Low Countries and represents the fluidity of the Total Football tactical system. The away kit is adorned with rich colors as well as textures that reveal the tale of culture and football always influencing each other within the Netherlands.

Portugal 2022 kits for Portugal mark a new era in the futebol Portugues. The kits for home, Pepper Red and Gorge Green along with Gold Dart toes, allude at the Portuguese flag, while diagonal lines mimic the flag that wraps all around the body. The pride of Portugal is displayed through the crest of Federacao Portuguesa de Futebol (FPF) and the esfera familiar which is worn as a patch for the collar of the back. The away kit is made of Sail White, an off-white color, which ensures that the Portuguese team stands out from the sea of bright white kits.

USA 2022:

USA collection is an emblem of national pride and is influenced by the United States’ diverse and long-running sporting heritage. The iconic US uniform’s distinctive design cues are striking stripes, an expanded center crest similar to basketball jerseys, and two Swooshes across the sleeves that are reminiscent of the ones found in American football uniforms. The distinctive shoulder and sleeve cut and sew design and construction of a hockey jersey and the timeless block letters. Simple details, like the words “States United” printed on the side of the shirt, make the story more believable of unity and unity, while the ice-dying techniques employed on the away jersey create an exciting pattern that celebrates youth and diversity.

Australia 2022:

The kit brings to mind the unique ecosystems of Australia. By using University Gold, Tour Yellow, and Green Noise The home kit evokes the rough, sandy landscape of the Outback as well as the lush forests and wetlands. It’s a tribute to the Australian coasts and the teeming waters of the ocean. Obsidian as well as Green Glow represent the marine life and reefs and signify the strong relationship between Australians and the coastal environment.

Canada 2022:

The 2022 Canada kit will be the same as the team has worn for the past year, but Canada Soccer is on a distinct cycle of kit development. They are highlighted with Canada’s standard blue and red color scheme and are further emphasized through Canada’s Canadian Soccer crest, featuring the maple leaf which is the country’s most well-known symbol.

Croatia 2022:

The Croatian home kit is an updated version of the world-renowned chequered pattern, which symbolizes Croatian pride. The crisp designs of this home kit highlight the fundamental Croatian values of passion, family, and tradition. Meanwhile, in the kit for away, its blurred wave-like lines pay homage to the flowing ebbs and flow of the Croatian Adriatic coastline.

Korea Korean Home Kit:

Korea: Korean home kit is based on the theme of Dokkaebi. The fiery name embodies the ferocity of a proud country and is accentuated by the bright Global Red and tiger-stripe sleeves that symbolize strength and strength. The away kit is a celebration of Taegeuk the symbol that is found in the Korean flag that symbolizes the national pride and balance of the heavens (blue) as well as earth (red). The pride symbol in Korean spells out the name of the country on the back collar in Korean on the collar of the back.

Poland In The Polish home kit, the intricate sleeve designs depict the feathers and nest of an eagle in white that is the emblem of the coat of arms, paying tribute to the long-standing symbol of Polish nationalism and unification. Sport Red and White, the national colors of Poland, symbolize peace and honor.


The Qatari home kit blends Desert Maroon with white serrated trim, which reflects what is the Qatari flag. The top of the chest highlights Qatar’s host country status. The kit for away evokes the beaches of Qatar as the subtle design overlay of a string of pearls hints at the past of pearl diving on the atolls of the coast. The kit in motion is intended to resemble something like a sandstorm that is swirling in the sun’s arid rays.

Saudi Arabia:

The green and white color styles of 2022’s Saudi kit are influenced by the Saudi Arabian flag. The emblem that is part of the Saudi Arabian Football Federation (SAFF) features a falcon, or car, in Arabic that doubles as a multi-lingual reference to soccer. The away kit features an all-over-print version that draws inspiration from the away kits to convey the feeling of boldness and speed.

The away and home jerseys for most of the federations will be released on the 15th of September (Members Only) and a general release of all collections on September 21. released the collection.


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