Users recall insomniac Games statement that Marvels Spider-Man will never be released on PC

Yesterday at the State of Play conference, Sony confirmed they will release both Spider-Man games will be available in the year 2010 on PC next year. which made the internet go on a sour note about an old tweet where the game’s creator claimed it would remain an PS4 exclusive.

Responding to the tweet deleted that a fan posted in June of 2017, Insomniac said that Marvels Spider-Man will never be available on Xbox as well as PC. It’s an exclusive for PS4 exclusive game that was commissioned exclusively through Sony Interactive Entertainment. The statement was true at the time, when the game was not available as the only PS4 exclusive prior to the time of Spider-Man Remastered on PS5.

Insomniac recently revealed the console exclusive for Marvels Spider-Man in April 2020 however, they may be quite confident since the announcement was made one month prior to when Sony revealed its very first PC release from Dawn Zero.

Sony has stepped up its efforts to distribute the games on to PC. The last year, the company released the game was titled Days Gone and God of War. In a recent report the company announced that it is planning to double its PC gaming revenues in the next year. Two Spider-Man games, along with The Uncharted: Legacy of Thieves collection, is expected to be good choices for the future.

The games make sense considering the way Sony operates today. The publisher has confirmed that it has shipped more than 33 million units and the games are much more successful than on native platforms.

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