Valheim Coming To Xbox Next Year And PC Game Pass This Fall

Although there was no trailer at the Bethesda and Xbox showcases this weekend, some viewers might have seen a popular survival game in the image near the end. It was revealed today that Valheim will not only be available on PC this fall, but will also be available for Xbox consoles when it launches in 2023.

In February last year, the cooperative survival game with Norse themes was made available to Steam Early Access. It quickly gained popularity and sold over 3,000,000 copies within its first week of being on sale. Its inclusion in PC Game Pass and the Microsoft Store on Windows is a welcome sight for those who have not yet tried Valheim.

Three-fold is the other major news for Valheim. The first is that the game will finally be available on consoles. Although there has been some speculation about its possible arrival since the PC version added controller support earlier this year it is now clear. Cross-play will allow you to play with other console and PC players when this port is released on Xbox in the first half 2023. Microsoft has secured console exclusivity for Valheim so the game won’t be available on any other consoles.

You can buy Valheim Game Pass now from Steam if you don’t want to wait for Valheim joining Game Pass on your Microsoft platform.

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