Valkyrie Profile: Lenneth delayed until December 2022

September 22, 2022

Valkyrie profile: Lenneth will miss the Elysium release date, and shift to a winter launch instead.

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Valkyrie Profile Lenneth initially planned to launch the same day that Valkyrie Elysium next week, is now officially delayed. The game will launch on December 22 in 2022 instead. The developers have said that they have to “improve its quality and the appeal of their game” According to the tweet of today:

While it’s always beneficial for game developers to put off games that need polishing to ensure an enjoyable and functional experience however, this delay is unfavorable for anyone who has pre-ordered the Deluxe version of Valkyrie Elysium. It’s clear that those who pre-ordered will not receive their copies until the date of the next release.

Valkyrie Profileis the first entry in the series, which means it will help new players discover the story’s origins. story. If not, it would be a disappointment for those who expected to be able to understand the origins of the story before playing the latest installment.

It’s possible that Valkyrie Profile Lenneth addition could also see a new release being planned for quite some time as well as a major selling point for this Deluxe Edition. However, the most avid fans have noticed that the new release date of December 22nd coincides the release date with Valkyrie Profile’ soriginal release in Japan in 1999. This is a good way to ensure the synergy.

It’s not clear if Valkyrie Profile Lenneth release will be a direct port, or it’s a remake. The fans are hoping for the latter since Direct porting should not require developers to “improve the quality” significantly.

In addition that, delaying the game by three months is to be a bit long, especially if they’re solving a few technical problems. Naturally, the release in 2018 of Valkyrie Profile: Lenneth naturally featured certain features that the previous Valkyrie Profile did not.


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