Valorant Chamber nerfs aren’t too much, say Riot

Valorant Chamber nerfs aren’t too much, say Riot

Valorant’s Chamber nerfs are precisely what Riot’s top FPS is in need of, but some feel Riot has gone way too far in their changes

French Sentinel Agent from France, Chamber is the ideal choice to climb the Valorant ladder due to the powerful the French Sentinel Agent is. Riot is now looking to alter the suave sharpshooter however some are worried that the proposed changes could put him at the bottom of Alpha Earth’s tier.

With flashy gold guns and aggressive personality Chamber, Valorant’s official Frenchman as well as marksman of the highest caliber, Chamber was the most dominant character in the ever-changing meta of the game since the game’s release in the month of November, 2021.

In the end, leaving Valorant Champions Tour Masters Stage 2 with the top percentage of picks and the developers promised that they would investigate changing his overpowered equipment to bring the pegs down.

The changes have come to realization, as a string of brutal nerfs have recently appeared on the PBE. There are some who are worried about the possibility that Riot is a little overly rough on Chamber which has led to a response from the game’s designer, Penguin.

The changes proposed for the ever-popular Valorant Agent span two separate tweets and each one of his talents using an arrow to the knee (or baguette in this instance).

The community manager Jeff Landa lists off every changes to the character’s gear. With Headhunter’s bullets now costing 150 credits more than 100, and their Tour de Force Ultimate now costing 8 points instead 7 There’s a variety of adjustments.

While many are thrilled to see their favorite character be nerfed, some remain skeptical. “As an Chamber principal, I think that he’s in need of a few nerfs, but nerfing everything in his arsenal is just too excessive …” is one comment other, and another states “if you’re making him nerf this much to ensure other Sentinels will be able to play isn’t that implying that Sentinels as a whole are weak? Now they’ll be used significantly less since Chamber isn’t as powerful in the long run.

The concerns were promptly addressed by Penguin who joined the game’s subreddit for competition to put out the fires of fear.

“Maybe unpopular opinion but I think this is way too much in one go and I wouldn’t be surprised if this is a big overnerf,” says one user who, in response, Penguin responds “I will send you an apology letter in the event that this is an overnerf. Moderators, I give the right to ban me for a time if I abuse.”

Riot is confident that the Chamber nerfs will help balance the unruly Parisian but without sending him to the ground. However, we’ll just wait and find out where the PBE tests yield. In the meantime you can put the game of your own with pop heads made of the most Valorant crosshairs available.

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