Valve booklet appears to confirm plans for future Steam Decks

Valve booklet appears to confirm plans for future Steam Decks

Valve has confirmed the future versions of Steam. Steam Deck handhelds are being designed.

As discovered through GamingOnLinux The new Steam Deck Booklet refers to future versions of Valve’s handheld that debuted in the spring of this year.

Steam Deck Steam Deck has proven extremely well-liked, with the company still taking pre-orders as of the moment of writing.

“Steam Deck represents the first in an entirely new class that includes Steam portable gaming PCs,” the booklet states. “In the future, Valve will follow up on this product with improvements and iterations to hardware and software, bringing new versions of Steam Deck to market”

The book also describes Steam Deck as a “multi-generational product line,” and declares it will Valve is going to “support Steam Deck and SteamOS” in the near future.

If it is true, Steam Deck could buck the trend of Valve discontinuing support for hardware early on. The Steam Controller was released in 2015 alongside the Steam Machine. Steam Machines were not supported for a long time following 2018, and the Steam Controller was taken off the market in 2019.

Valve has also confirmed it is likely that the compatibility layer created to work with Steam Deck will be adopted by other platforms, such as ChromeOS.

The compatibility layer lets applications and games that weren’t specifically created specifically for the steam deck to work. Steam Deck to function.

VGC’s assessment of Marvel’s Spider-Man on PC has been hailed for its Steam Deck performance as a “marvel”.

Recently, it was discovered that Valve has quietly reduced the SSDs that come with certain Steam Deck models.

Although the Steam Deck models of 256GB and512GB originally came with PCI express 3.0 SSD with x4, some have now come with PCI express 3.0 2 SSD instead.


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