Vampire Survivors Cheats Codes – Hidden character

Vampire Survivors Cheats codes – There are some tricks (codes), that are simple and easy to use. They’re cool. A hidden character and gold


  • The secret code: ExdashExiviiq x-1viiq
  • secret code> Up Down Left Right Left Right ENTER

Vampire Survivors Secret Character – Cheat Codes

If you’ve tried all the characters, the Vampire Survivors Hidden Character could be a good choice. We encourage you to explore them all, even the mysterious Vampire Survivors hidden character.


The secret code: ExdashExiviiq x-1viiq

How to get Vampire Survivors hidden character: You have the option to enter codes. These codes unlock certain items. When you enter a code on the main screen and hear a sound, that means the code was entered correctly.

Vampire Survivors can be addictive because you have to beat the bosses to win the game. You will also gain hordes enemies. It is always interesting to see how your heroes progress and how you become stronger while your enemies get stronger.

If you don’t know how to use the code, check out this video by Youtuber “Just Ethan”.

Vampire Survivors Cheats Codes – Gold

A code that you can get some gold is another Vampire Survivors code. This code can help you play in a more simple and easy way. Use the code as often as you can.

Vampire Survivors Secret Gold Code, Vampire Survivors gold cheat

  • Up Down Down Left Left Right Left Right Enter

It must be typed as quickly as possible

You will need to execute a key command to access another secret code. However, this code is harder to use.

These codes are our hope that you will enjoy them.


Visit our website if a new code is released in the future. We promise that we will have it. If you find any code missing, please write to us or comment below. We will add it and credit you.

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