Vampire Survivors Kill Death Guide

Vampire Survivors Die Guide – Step-by-step guide and video to unlock the secret character Mask Of The Red Death


Steps to Kill Vampire Survivors Death Guide

These are the steps you need to take to end the Death in Vampire Survivors


  1. All Growth Magnet Upgrades and Removal
  2. Clerici Library: Start with Clerici
  3. Upgrade to the green xp gem, table
  4. Runetracer upgrade is not available? Restart the program and go through the steps 1 to 3 until Runetracer is installed.
  5. Keep your eyes on the table and chair where you discovered the gem.
  6. Do not collect XP from the ground. The Runetracer’s area should be larger than the character sprite.
  7. If the red xp gem is not visible at the 3 minute mark, you can either restart the run or try to locate it using the Revival powerup.
  8. Keep your Runetracer stuck until the 30:00 minute mark
  9. Get the red xp gemstone as soon as you see the death spawns and gain +100 levels
  10. Items:
    • Santa Water, Clock Lancets, Laurels, Bracers, Bracers, Candelabradors, Spellbinders, Empty Tomes are all good choices.
    • Also useful: Tiragisu and Attractorb Magic Wand, Tiragisu, Attractorb Magic Wand, Knife Duplicator Cross Bone Spinach
    • Don’t get (Avoid): Lightning Ring, Axe, Fire Wand
  11. Lead death back behind the tables and chairs. Standing slightly higher than the right chair is a good position. Clerici’s belt should be roughly parallel to the floor. The belt should also be slightly away from the right bookshelf. This will ensure that your Laurel shield barely touches the bookhelf.
  12. After defeating the Death, you will be able to unlock Mask of the Red Death

Vampire Survivors Kill Death Guide – Video Guide

This video guide from Aliensrock will help you kill death without cheating. It’s just a long grind to unlock MissingNo (Red Death) now. It’s not about what equipment or where you stand.

FAQ: Mask of the Red Dead

Mask Of The Red Death can be played by Vampire Survivors. It starts with the Death Spiral.

After 30 minutes, the player can unlock this character through death

MissingN has been replaced by Mask of the Red Death

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