Vibrators The Masquerade Bloodhunt introduces game mode rotation to make matches easier

Vampire: The Masquerade bloodhunt, like all battle royale games has multiple playlists so that players can participate and be able to use the appropriate languages. There is a queue of solos, duos, and trios. On the other side, there are listed versions of solos or trios. This is all well and good but unlike other battle royales the stratification of player populations puts on strong fights to the Mughal Bloodhunt, and is suffering long matchmaking times. Rotation is being created by the game mode holder.


I made a June remark. This game mode rotation system does not require playlists to be temporarily unavailable on a regular basis. For example, the Ranked solos queue is not available right now but will be restored on June 17 replacing another mode. This temporary solution is only. Sharkmob hopes that this will speed up matchmaking while they find a permanent solution. Or, the games population is growing rapidly enough to support all match queues simultaneously.

You may be curious about what that means for the game’s matchmaking quality. But it is a matter of all kinds of traders. Competitive games must be fun and fair. Players are not limited to being grouped by their server proximity but also by their relative skill. Vampire: The Masquerade bloodhunt is a more complex game. Crossplay between PlayStation 5 and PC players is not an option because the game is so skill-intensive. The controller players are at a disadvantage. They also prefer not to interact with the PC playerbase. This is driving a change within the game.

Vampire:The Masquerade Bloodhunt will hopefully solve matchmaking problems, but it’s hard to see a reality where many game modes could be combined. Combat royales with similar game modes, lobbies and skill ceilings have 45 times as many players as Bloodhunt. However, there are other problems that are very similar to Bloodhunt’s – long queue times and large-sleeve winners in battle royales. These games don’t need too many modes.

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