Void Interactive introduces the updated version of Ready or Nots Steam Takedown


Void Interactive released Ready or Not the tactical FPS is similar to SWAT for 2021. Because of its nature it has caused controversy. The company continues to follow the current trend of the title and the fans are enjoying the game for the way it plays. However, the game was taken off the 16th of June and people began to speculate over the reason. The day before today, Void Interactive released a statement regarding the game’s state on Steam. The game is available for purchase on Steam for $39.99.


In the release, Void Interactive explained that the takedown request was rejected in Steam because of an infringement of trademarks of the Night Club map. The company stated that it will take any IP issues seriously and will do so by careful review, removes the content from games, Steam and other publications that contain the content as well as any reference to the material.

Void Interactive confirmed that the game will be available on Steam when the edits are completed. Additionally, the AI-recognition videos and other material has been removed but will be restored following the editing.

With Ready or Not, players engage in intense and tactical firefights as a contemporary SWAT member who must contend with hostiles and free hostages. The game features real-life scenarios and maps as well as a variety of settings and options for customization. Players have to form teams.

What do you think of Ready or Not? Have you had a chance to try it since it was released? What are your thoughts on the controversies? Have you ever heard about the most recent version of Steam? What do you think about this assertion?

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