Vorax gameplay trailer reveals exploration, crafting, looting, and combat elements

August 30, 2022

Explore your surroundings, hunt, and survive as you fight off an epidemic Mediterranean island with Vorax the first-person open-world survival horror game.

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Vorax is a horror first-person game in which you have to adapt to survive on an infected island. It’s a game from IndieGala, Vorax is launching on PC through Steam. The release date and cost have been awaited to be announced.

The official trailer for the game Vorax features a variety of survival gameplay elements, such as crafting, looting and exploring, and fighting.

The Vorax game is an open-world horror that is set on an island located in the Mediterranean that is infected by a mysterious pathogen. The initial response to this incident was the sending of a battalion of soldiers to the island to protect the inhabitants. After 48 hours, all communications with the division were lost.

You’ll be playing as an individual who is assigned to the island in order to look into what’s happening. However, an investigation that seems simple is transformed into a struggle for your life when the helicopter carrying you crashes into the island. You are left by yourself.

With a limited supply of food and supplies, You must make tools, create defenses, build a shelter, and unravel the secrets of the island in order to be able to survive.

The most notable features of Vorax are:

  • The game’s environments are detailed. Some of these include caves, urban areas, and sewers.
  • The enemies have unique attack mechanics.
  • A realistic tactical helmet that has a military HUD.
  • Install and improve barricades, fences, and traps to secure your home base.
  • Tools and weapons for crafting.
  • Cook and hunt for your own meals.
  • The ability to treat wounds and other injuries.
  • Non-conventional and conventional weapons.
  • Night and day cycles with active weather systems.
  • Stress and sleep mechanisms.

Vorax is one of the games created and published by IndieGala DigitalGala, a distribution platform, and gaming development studio. Some of their most well-known games are Exit Limbo: Opening and Die Young.

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