Walmart to make its Roblox Metaverse debut with new Walmart Land experience

September 20, 2022

Performances by Noah Schnapp, musical artists and many more are coming very soon.

With experiences that are branded with a brand name like Gucci Town, Beatland, as well as Spotify Island, and Spotify Island, have attracted more than 10 million visits since they launched and it’s not surprising that other companies are also following similar patterns, one of the largest being the multi-national retailer, Walmart. While a release date has not yet been disclosed, eagle-eyed Roblox users have discovered a Walmart-branded experience named Walmart Land which was released just a week prior to this article’s publication date, which was September. 12 2022. The experience isn’t available to the public yet. Walmart nor Roblox has yet made a statement on the experience, however, given the amount of detail added to the description of the experience the likelihood is that it’ll arrive in 2022 before the end of the year.

In the description, it’s stated that Walmart Land will have two primary focuses: 1)) Style and Fashion and) Entertainment. To help promote these two areas the experience will include a range of activities that players can take part in, including minigames Obbys, challenges such as concerts, and so on. In addition to the virtual concerts which are believed to be live in the middle of the walls of Walmart Land and include “popular performers”, likely the main draw of the experience is the trivia game based on Netflix which will host by Stranger Things star and internet star Noah Schnapp.

Walmart to make its Roblox Metaverse debut with new Walmart Land experience

Although it’s not clear what the motive behind why Schnapp was selected as the host in this event or if it is related to the new season of Stranger Things, the second theory is unlikely. In the event that Walmart held their “Homecoming concert in September. 2021 Schnapp played the role of co-host along with acting peer Madison Bailey, so it’s most likely that Walmart just reached out to Schnapp for the second hosting role due to their previous work experience as well as Schanpp’s obvious connections to Netflix and huge fan base.

It’s worth noting, however, that Schnapp has a personal connection to Roblox also, and has been playing with the platform under the name noahcoolawesome since 2017. in an interview with Wired in the year 2019 Schnapp briefly talked about his love of Roblox and revealed his potential Roblox username in spite of his fellow Stranger Things star Millie Bobbie Brown advising him to keep his information secret. It’s not yet confirmed that the username Schnapp offered is his real Roblox username. However, a lot of users have taken the information as true.

If and in the event that it comes to the time that Walmart Land experience is released the question will be answered with certainty. However, for now, players are currently on their toes by checking for any Walmart-themed items that are free leaks or uploads on Roblox’s Roblox Avatar Shop and looking through Twitter to find any public announcements concerning the crossover event. If Walmart Land is finally opened to the general public, we will revise this guide or develop a brand new guide on how to get all free items.


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