Warframe’s next expansion, Angels of the Zariman, is “coming soon”

Angels of the Zariman is Warframe’s next major expansion and it’s “coming shortly”.

Warframe Devstream 159 was the first to announce it. The dev team at Digital Extremes confirmed that it would drop as part Warframe’s 31.5 upgrade, but did not give us a date or a window for release. They only teased that it was “coming soon”.

“Our first post-New War expansion is soon: Angels of the Zariman! Digital Extremes was announced via its social media channels. “Get ready to face a new Quest and a new Warframe. There are also new game modes.

This wasn’t all the news we received. For some time players have been patiently awaiting cross-play support (opens in a new tab) . Although we don’t know when they will be available, the team confirmed in a follow-up tweet that cross-save and cross-play are “top priorities for 2022”, although there is “still some work ahead”.


Last month, Warframe’s last expansion, The New War (opens in new tab), was released in December 2021. This might convince you to give it another try if you haven’t yet.

“Online games that last five years or more are not uncommon these days. But Warframe’s one key distinction among that venerable cadre is that its days as one the best free games still seem ahead of it,” we explain with our round-up best free games (opens in new tab).

“The game of strange space ninjas fighting weirder enemies just keeps growing. First, with more types of randomly generated corridors. Then, with all-new open-worlds to explore. Now, there are full-on ship–to-ship battles with every type of Warframe combat.

“Warframe is still one of the most enjoyable games you can play today, regardless of whether it’s free or paid. Don’t let the post-tutorial, where you are still trying to figure out the best way to proceed, distract you from the actual meat.

You can also get into the upcoming PS5 and upcoming Xbox Series X titles(opens new tab).

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