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WARLA: A new movie Complete The whole thing to know?

Wataten film enthusiasts are eager to check the monitors. The film was presented to the public at the critical wait moment this week. Although the poster was not easy to read, the trailer for the film was launched in a private area. On the other hand, fairway flag was to the total liberate day of the film. How would this piece of existence become real? This is the entire thing you need to know about your new challenge.

Wataten An Angel flew From now on to Meis an authentic TV that was highly respected for its charming portrayal of charming characters. The comic Yuri Hime magazine introduced a manga adaptation of similar characters in 2016. The film may be the most difficult in the franchise’s history. These are the main points that you’ve been searching for.


This inside track comes from the Wataten anime website and Twitter. It was inspired by the main idea of the movie and linked back to it again. An advert was then launched in the public space. The trailer, which is written, shows the unique characteristics of the protagonist and the angelic children. You might see the latest trailer right away.

What is this film about?

Although the original synopsis for this film is yet to be released by the filmmakers, it is positive that the film will enjoy the opposite plot due to the anime. A new book is published about Miyako, an introverted young woman. She is an otaku, and has a unique idea that many people don’t get. She is now a new student after the tragic events of her story.

These were angelic great scholars, some younger than he. All goes well until she meets Hanachan, one his closest friends. Wataten Film will be a film about the best people in the world. They will have to try the experience, where deciding their favorite person will be the hardest section.


The film just needs the listener’s return. The film will be more accessible in the eastern regions, which is next. The film has the right to freedom in all areas. We don’t have to think that way if we don’t want to, but we can just do it. Since liberate time has been introduced, This is the moment to take control of that corner.

Wataten Movie Trailer: First Trailer OUT! The Animal Daily first saw the article “Everything To Know” and its release date.