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Watch Dogs Best Mods (2022)

Watch Dogs’ Best Mods – Config Tool and Mod Installer, Ultimate Car with No Intro, PlayStation Buttons. Living City, Apex Reshade. Play as an NPC, and many more


Watch Dogs Best Mods – Config Tool Mod

This small program allows you to run Watch Dogs as you wish, with all the settings you need.


Download Config Tool Mod > Here

Watch Dogs Best Mods – Mod Installer

This mod makes it easy to install mods.

1. Extract the archive from the folder without special characters
2. Select Watch Dogs install directory
3. Choose the patch.fat mod file you wish to merge or all files loose like in nudemod
4. Click to install

Download Mod Installer > Here

Watch Dogs’ Best Mods – Ultimate Car on Request Mod

This mod unlocks many new cars in the car on demand app like police cars and car from “madnes”. Caution! Caution! Credits go to user [deleted] which is a nickname on reddit. All images are from him. I want to spread his amazing work.


Get Ultimate Car on Demand Mod

Watch Dogs’ Best Mods – You can play as a NPC Mod

You can now play with Clara and Defalt as well as Jordi. This mod allows Aiden to swap with another character in the game, such as Clara or Jordi.

Download Play as NPC Mod

Watch Dogs’ Best Mods – Apex Reshade Mod

This is the most natural and sharpest look.

  1. Download Reshade
  2. Move to another location
  3. It should be placed in your bin folder/watchdogs folder, where watch dogs.exe is.
  4. Install Apex and place the.ini in the same watchdogs/bin directory
  5. Ctivate it ingame using shit F2 and select Apex.ini

Apex Reshade Mod > Download


Watch Dogs’ Best Mods – Remastered Mod

  • Updated psx icons to gamepad add-on by me
  • Hachiroku-239 added connor V2
  • UI Redesign by me
  • Yorpie and MrJayden585 added police overhaul
  • SliderV2 added an altair outfit
  • Me: A darker and shinier spider tank
  • Tinted rear vehicle light a little pink
  • Removed vehicle rear lens flare
  • Clear weather was made possible by adding 8k uncompressed cloud for clear skies
  • Redid sidewalk borders
  • Overcast with more cloud intensity
  • Living city 2.3
  • To save space, we removed mod’s main menu videos
  • Minimalist phone icons by “soon2#2741”.
  • changed loading screen music
  • Changed loading screen to Parallellines 2012 version
  • Fix the lambo lens flare bug, by taking out the lensflare itself

Download Remastered Mod Here

Watch Dogs’ Best Mods – The Real Beauty Mod

I wanted to create a brighter, more vibrant daylight and darker shadows. This would allow me to create a more realistic visual impression using crisper colors and better lighting.

  • You can adjust the color curve (not the settings, so it should be set at 0) to get more blue light. This will result in less green (roads), and more red (light shadows at nights).
  • More vibrant and vivid colors, adjusted to their brightness levels (more vivid highlight and midtones; darker shadows).
  • A little light bloom
  • sharper textures
  • Light black borders for film
  • HDR Effect on daylight (a little bit more light and darker shadows and a brighter picture without increasing the brightness).

Download A Real Beauty Mod

Watch Dogs’ Best Mods – No Intro Mod

This mod will remove the intro sequence when you launch the game. It will also save your precious time.


Download No Intro Mod > Here

Watch Dogs’ Best Mods – Save Games Mod and a New Game

The saves that occur early in the game (the main storyline is at the mission just before you open your world) with all but 1 skill unlocked (including online skills), and the following rare items: Boxberg LE (vespid LE), Sayanora Le, Piledriver (wildfire), Spec Ops Goblin (chrome). This is my extension on chikawowowowow’s new game plus a discount on nex

Get New Game and Save Games >

Watch Dogs’ Best Mods – The Lon3r sweetfx Preset Mod

This is the sweetfx preset that I use to make chicago feel more harsh. This preset is inspired by the completely alien feeling of the A10n3 digital trip (their spelling not mine). The image is slightly desaturated, but the sharpness and contrast are increased.


Download The Lon3r sweetfx Preset

Watch Dogs Best Mods – Enable Surrender after Act 3 Mod

This mod allows you to surrender to the cops after an act 3. Act 3 is the last act of the game. You can’t surrender any more. This is it.

Stop if you see police officers (in car or not), and don’t move. Hide your gun too. You will be surrounded by cops.

Download Enable Surrender after Act 3 Mod > Here


Watch Dogs’ Best Mods – Living City Mod

This mod enhances and expands gameplay by adding custom missions, random events, and many new features. It will bring hours of enjoyment to the game.

Living City Mod >

First Person Camera Mod

This mod transforms the third-person camera into the first person.

Download First Person Camera Mod > Here



The game’s graphical mods use strong Depth of Field settings, which makes it look more cinematic. This is perfect for creating amazing screenshots. It can sometimes make the game difficult to play. It can be difficult to see other targets of interest when the camera is focused on an enemy. This is very annoying if you want to finish the mission in stealth.

Download Light DOF Mod

Mod Reborn

A graphic modification. It has been reworked several times and renamed many times during its three-year development. Keep checking for Reborn 2.0 – a complete rework of Reborn 1.0. This mod focuses on making Reborn shine again. This project was partly inspired by older versions. Combining with Living City gives you the true WATCH_DOGS experience.

Reborn Mod >


Mod PSX Buttons

Files to be merged into the game data files in order to modify the UI to best suit people who use a PlayStation Gamepad

Get PSX Buttons Mod

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