Weekend Question: Which non-E3 game are you enjoying the most

The news about this year’s Summer Games surprised me at first. There wasn’t a single moment that an exciting new game or new trailer truly knocked the socks of me. As I perused the announcements of games there were a few interesting games that were different from the norm. I can’t even decide a simple winner.

The game I am most excited about is definitely Hollow Knight: Silksong. There was an unintentional trailer for the game and the announcement of the Game Pass release and no date on when the game will be released. If you are a believer that it’s coming to Xbox the game is expected to launch in June 2023 or the time of publication, but there’s nothing to put it on the top of the list. I was extremely excited about news of Street Fighter 6. Although the fifth installment of the series is unappealing, I’m sure there’s like a tiss with the style of art. As I’m sure I’m a dedicated player of fighting games such as Thems Fighting Herds, like the big names such as Tekken I’m very eager to see the direction Capcom will take the series in the future with Street Fighter 6.

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I was ecstatic because of The Blade announced, since according to me, you’re not able to compete with a novel idea. The title was being tossed around for a good while and the title was not able to permit me to play more on Sonys State of Play. Neon White has the distinction of being the most efficient shot shooter and was the first to get the release date. The survival game has paved the way for the development of BioWare developers. And how can I forget the gorgeous look of the rogue-lite Cult of the Lamb? And then, there’s more to this following Rain World DLC!

There are some games that, though exclusively for me and only for their own reasons but the developers and publishers that have taken over the project have not failed me over the years. These include Skate Story and The Plucky Squire that were announced during Devolver Direct. Redfall hasn’t convinced me yet I’m not sure, but Arkane Studios rarely comes up with a good game. The Alter is the same, as is Klei Entertainments Rotwood project and 11-bit studios.

There are also titles such as Persona 5-Road for the PC, The Plague Tale: Requiem and of course Diablo 4 which I really would like to play. Because the initial Starfield game trailer was not very interesting for me, in general the non-E3 version of the game has thrown a lot of exciting games to my mind which I will definitely be watching closely.


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The E3 2022 organizers have also cancelled the event online. The gaming fair will take an absence this year.


According to the latest reports According to the latest reports, E3 2022 conference is already over. Of course, there’s not a digital event planned anymore.


Let me tell you that was you disappointed by the Summer Games Fest a disappointment for you? You’re satisfied with the results or is it a disappointment? Are there any new games you’d like to try out in the next couple of months? What games are you anticipating the most? not yet announced?

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