We’ll see a new side to Q in Picard season 2, hints Star Trek showrunner

The Q of John de Lancie will be returning for season 2 of Picard season 2.. Jean-Luc Picard’s legendary enemy will be able to have a “capitane” on his mind and, as showrunner Terry Matalas tells SFX magazine that the show will show a different side to the time-traveling enemy of Picard.

“He’s the first relationship on Star Trek: The Next Generation, really, that Picard had,” Matalas mentions of Q’s past with Patrick Stewart’s legendary captain in TNG which was in operation from 1987 until 1994.

Picard that is due to come back for a third season in March with a new season in the pipeline it’s taking the opposite direction to Q’s usual routine, however.

As Matalas states, “It was about how you tell a story about Q that’s unexpected, and not the same Loki-esque shenanigans that we are used to. How does it have real dramatic weight? And that was our jumping-off point.”

He says: “You will definitely see a side of Q you’ve never seen before. There’s some things going on with Q that are definitely surprising, considering the kind of being he is. And how that would reflect on Jean-Luc Picard and what’s going on with his life at the moment. The first two episodes are a pretty wild ride.”

Picard Season 2 will premiere in the US on Paramount Plus in the US in March and Prime Video worldwide on March 4. To read more about the blowout feature of SFX’s cover on Picard and the possibility of additionalfamiliar characters returning to the fold – make sure to read the new issue, which is available to purchase right today. (opens in a new tab)

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