Were for the Month: NPCs of Horizon Forbidden West Forbidden-West

Last week, I asked that you focus your attention on The Horizon Forbidden West’s colorful characters and NPCs. Here are some highlights from this week: From trusted companions, to unknown threats.

BBSnakeCorn shares Erend wielding his hammer.

Varl uses his Focus to share XXPAGZxX.

Tarda, a newcomer to coalabr14, is a portrait shared by coalabr14.

SindyJ_B shares Kotallo’s profile portrait.

thegaymerTw shares Gaia re-emerging.

horizon_addicts shared a portrait of Itamen, the sun prince.

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Next week, we will be returning to Blackreef in order to examine the new Deathloops light. Participate with Julianna or Colt.

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