Werewolves come to The Sims 4 In Fewe Weeks

Electronic Arts and Maxis will soon be releasing the DLC pack for The Sims 4. You’ll be able to enjoy the Werewolves pack with great joy. You can also bring out a Wolf while the Moon is full. This allows you to join the squad and participate in the team. You can make a waswolf version from your characters and convert at night to become one of the two parts that live in the area. You have two options: embrace what you are and make it part of your life, or turn against something that you will have no choice but to be after being bit one night. You can see the trailer below if you are under 16 years old. There is also an extension at the link. The DLC will go live for $20 on June 16th on PC, Xbox, and PlayStation.

Credit: Electronic Arts

A waswolf can be a playful, dramatic, teeming beast. The Sims 4 showed me that wolves can come in many sizes, colors, and themes. You can then create a Sim to complete your werewolf’s look. We don’t believe you can make a beast as powerfully as you think. It would be easy to align and make the forms as distinct as you like. The pictures will help you see how your face shapes up. You can paint menacing scars to tell the story of the pack battle or cover them with silly jellyfish. Or, if you’re a beast and want to make it as annoying as possible, do something different.

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