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What are conch shells for Splatoon 3?

What are conch shells for Splatoon 3

Find the shells.

Splatoon 3 is Nintendo’s fast-paced third-person inker that features numerous kinds of content. This is evident on its coinage, which has numerous ways to spend it and get rewards. One of them is conch shells. It is a specific currency with a limited time period, which might be a mystery to you as to what conch shells can do within Splatoon 3.

Conch shells are a particular kind of currency that only appears during certain periods, like the course of a Splatfest. Conch shells can be exchanged by one conch shell for each exchange, to earn randomly-generated rewards from Shell-Out. shell-out machineIt is possible to use the cash however, using Conch Shells is more economical. It is important to remember that after the Splatfest closes all conch shells that you own are likely to disappear therefore make sure to use your conch shells before the event closes.

What are conch shells for Splatoon 3

How do you get conch shells Splatoon 3

To collect conch shells within Splatoon 3, you must participate and take part in online games during the Splatfest. Splatfests are events of the past that Nintendo organizes during Splatoon 3, in which you can choose between three teams and fight your team against two other teams. Splatfests could have huge effects on the game, however, they give you the opportunity to collect conch shells.

If you participate in an online game that is not a custom game, you’ll get conch shells. Since conch shells offer many rewards through the Shell-Out machine located in the lobby, it’s highly recommended to play in Splatfests, and make the currency.