What are Sonic Frontiers Open Zones? SEGA explains it

Sonic Frontiers introduces Open World mechanics to the series for the first-time, with the blue hedgehog traversing large game situations. SAW but she refers to the map as ” OPEN ZONE“, a reference both to the “Zones” of the old Sonic and the names of the levels.

What are these Open Zones made up of? This concept is described by Morio Wishimoto as the secret weapon of the Sonic Frontiers director . Basically, explains the director,”Level-based Platforms often offer a world map. Our Open Zone is essentially a map of the world, but it’s completely playable.

Kishimoto says that the World Map is a playable World Map, with elements similar to normal levels. We had to create a name for it. Sonics calls what is often called “world” in other Platforms “zone”. We took this unique feature and added the word “open”, which refers to an area that can be freely explored. Here’s what Open Zone is.

Sonic Adventure

The Open Zone could be seen as a kind of gaming hub for Kishimoto, but it is intended to be more than the classic 3D Platforms Super Mario 64 and Sonic Adventure. This allowed access to each level of the adventure via a large, freely explored starting area. The director also mentions that the implementation of this structure will have a direct impact on longevity. He speaks of one time it takes to complete Sonic Frontiers.

You can find more information about our reactions to Sonic Frontiers’ test, including conflicting opinions on the structure of this new project. SEGA has assured that Sonic Frontiers will not go on hold until 2023, despite the concerns expressed by many fans. The Sonic Team is confident in the game’s quality and the positive feedback from those who had the chance to play it.

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