What happened to Ready or Not? The shooter went missing from Steam!

We received a request that we get removed from Steam due to copyright violations on the Nightclub map we released in the most recent update. We consider these issues very seriously. As a result out of our convictions, we have decided to delete all of the information in question as well as any reference to it, from Ready or Not or any social media or website. When we’ve completed the edits, Ready or Not will be back on Steam. We also took AI Update AI Update video from our YouTube channel as well as the Steam store, and we’ll see if the same issues happen again following an editing procedure.

The developers claimed that copyright violations are simple however, the community has begun to consider the issue. The first thing to note is that the change was released in June 12 2013, the day in which Florida was the site of Pulse Nightclub attack. On the event 49 people died during the attack. It’s just a coincidence, which is why that’s why the NME portal did spot several obvious similarities between the new state that is Night Club Night Club and the Bataclan of Paris which was the site of another shooting spree in the year 2015. This is a speculation that is not backed by absolute proof, however, it is certainly is supported by the controversy of a shooter in the year 2000. and the loss of the editor Team17 due to a fixed school-level.

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