What was yesterday’s Wordle answer?

September 18, 2022

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The word games are played for quite a long time but haven’t been as popular as they have been in recent years. The game with the most words in the rankings, Wordle, has been growing in popularity since its launch in the month of October 2021. Wordle has inspired numerous different spinoffs and is an integral role in daily lives.

The game requires players to think of the five-letter word they want to use in deductive reasoning. It might not seem complicated, but remember that there is only a handful of possible answers per day, making it extremely brain-intensive.

Yesterday’s Wordle Answer

Finding words from scratch isn’t easy, especially when the players have narrowed their answer down to just a few words but can’t with a reasonable idea. If you’re stumped by the word of the day and don’t want to end their streaks can locate an answer for the day’s Wordle game below.

  • 09/17 – #455:CHUTE

Find the answer to today’s Wordle puzzle on our page to today’s Wordle Answer. This guide gets updated on a daily basis and gives players the assistance they require to keep their winning streak.

What was yesterday’s Wordle answer

How to Play Wordle

Wordle is often difficult for players who are playing the game for the very first time. Below are steps to help to make the game easier for beginners.

  1. Type in any five-letter word on the keyboard that is on screen, and then press Enter.
  2. After players have made their initial guess after which the game will reveal their guesses by changing the color of the letters. If the letter is gray the letter isn’t present in the correct answer. If the letter changes to yellow the letter are in the correct answer of that day but it’s in the wrong position in the wordIf the letter is green it’s not just in the correct answer but is also exactly in the same place as it was in that prediction.
  3. Players must continue to make guesses, narrowing down the possible correct answers until they have made their final decision. There is only the correct guess six times for each puzzle, which is why it is essential to select the words with care.
  4. If players are able to get all the letters in the green that means they’ve identified the correct word and may extend their streak.


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