What’s the difference between Casual and Hard mode in Return to Monkey Island?

September 20, 2022
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Monkey Island has returned to our screens of gaming for the very first time in more than a decade, with the return of Monkey Island. It features the fun of point-and-click and humor that fans of the show are familiar with, as well as every one of your favorite characters like Guybrush Threepwood and LeChuck returning to reprise their roles. The new version comes with two levels of difficulty to pick from. What’s an important difference between the Casual and Hard modes on Return to Monkey Island?

What is the best difficulty to choose for Return To Monkey Island?

The primary distinction between Casual, as well as Hard Mode, is the level of difficulty. Those who are looking to have fun with the story as well as the humor and references to classic games can enjoy Casual Mode. Those who are looking for more of a game that is more point-and-click should choose Hard mode. But the difference isn’t too great, you’ll get more challenges to work through. For instance, on Hard Mode, there are some additional steps to take to convince Carlato to lend you a book, and the way to complete the Forest puzzle is different.

Are you able to save the game with both difficulty levels to Return to Monkey Island?

Can you save the game on both difficulties in Return to Monkey Island

Yes, you can but don’t worry when you’re not certain what mode you’d like to play. The game comes with numerous save slots and it is possible to save the game’s Casual as well as Hard mode simultaneously. You’ll notice the differences within your save files since Hard mode saves feature the red skull and crossbones icon at the lower right corner.

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