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Where are the Vault locations in Fortnite

Where are the Vault locations in Fortnite

Loot Vaults are scattered across the area and are waiting to be unlocked by using special keys!

Fortnite is still one of the best games in the battle royale genre because of its constantly evolving content that continues to amaze and delight players each year. The fourth season of Chapter 3 has brought a splash of Chrome to the world, with new mechanics, weapons, and hidden vaults filled with loot available for players to take home. These vaults are located across the globe and contain ammo boxes and chests as well as produce boxes and much more. However, they are locked up and require players to locate ways to open them.

All Vault Locations in Fortnite

Vaults are underground, typically with stairs leading down, and concealed by shrubs around the outside entrance. These are the locations of Vaults on the map. These locations will be accessible for you to see on the map when you have the key:

  • Northwest of Logjam Junction at Seven Outpost II
  • North of Rave Cave
  • South of Rave Cave
  • The southwest of Rave cave 7 Outpost V
  • The west of Greasy Grove close to Greasy Grove is Displaced Depot
  • Center of Tilted Towers
  • Southwest of Tilted Towers
  • The north of Rocky Reels near the station for gas
  • The west side of Chonker’s Speedway just near Rustaway Shores
  • Nord of Condo Canyon near Bungalow Blooms
  • Southeast of Condo Canyon
  • Center of Lustrous Lagoon
  • Northeast of Lustrous Lagoon at Seven Outpost III
  • Northeast of Shimmering Shrinefort Jonesy at Seven Outpost VII

How do I open Vaults within Fortnite

If you do come across a Vault when you travel around the map, you’ll not be able to access it until you open it. It will require an exclusive key to unlock the vault door, and, in some instances, there may be several keys. It’s not that difficult to find a few. Keys are available everywhere in the world as loot from the ground and within chests. The Vault locations will appear on your map after you locate the keys. The only thing you have to do is find your way to the location and open it by pressing the key with X to Xbox, E on your PC, and the square on the Playstation. Certain vaults have more than one lock which means you’ll need to look around for a bit longer before opening them.

Where are the Vault locations in Fortnite

Vaults that require two keys to access in Fortnite

  • The North side of Condo Canyon near Bungalow Blooms
  • Center of Tilted Towers
  • Center of Lustrous Lagoon
  • North of Rave Cave

The Vaults are worth the effort to unlock as they’re packed with all kinds of amazing loot that could assist you in getting an advantage in your battle and perhaps take home that Victory Royale. Therefore, start looking for keys and look them up at the locations mentioned above!