Where to get Viparyas in Genshin Impact

September 18, 2022

Send these flowers as gifts to Aranara!

The Visayas is an uncommon flower that blooms in very specific environmental conditions and is typically seen in Vanarana’s dream form. It’s described as an ingredient, however, it isn’t used in any way apart from being a frequent request from Material-Collecting Aranara.

All Viparyas places in Genshin Impact

All Viparyas locations in Genshin Impact


See the picture above to find all the Viparyas that you can see in Vanarana. Be aware that these mysterious flowers will only be seen only in Vanarana’s dream-like form which is the state where the entire Aranara appears. You can switch between real and dream Vanaranas by performing your Rhythm of the Great Dream before Sapna.

Ruins of Dahri

See the above image to find all the Viparyas that are found within the Ruins of Dahri. The icons represent the Viparyas in their places in the underground.

Ruins of Dahri

Is Viparyas able to be planted in Genshin Impact?

It is not possible to grow Viparyas inside the Serenitea Pot due to the nature of their existence. However, you can plant these flowers after taking on this World Quest called Sprouting Seedlings. Once you have completed the quest, you will be able to gather twelve Vasmrtis and then return to Aranakula’s dream garden in Vanarana. After planting the seedlings they will turn to Viparyas in the day following. The process can only be performed only once.


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