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Whimpers Crossword Clue

Whimpers Crossword Clue

Here are the complete answers to the Whimpers crossword clue that will aid you in solving the crossword you’re trying to solve!

Crosswords can be a fantastic method to engage your mind to pass the time and test yourself simultaneously. But, at times, the crossword’s clue is completely puzzling us, whether because we don’t know the topic or we are simply at a loss for words. We have all the answers available for Whimpers crossword If you require assistance!

There’s no reason to feel ashamed even if you’re having trouble with crosswords! The puzzles cover a variety of areas, and it’s not easy to become an expert in every aspect. As you continue playing these games, you’ll be able to recognize many questions that pop up!

Whimpers Crossword Clue Answers

The same clue may have multiple solutions, and we’ve given all the answers we know of in the case of Whimpers. The clue was last seen on September 18, 2022, in The Newsday Crossword. You’ll need to cross-reference this length of the answer below with the length that is required in the crossword puzzle that you are working on to find the right answer. The answer for the Whimpers crossword answer is:

  • MEWLS (5 letters)

Below there, you’ll find the keyword (s) defined to aid in understanding the puzzle or answer more clearly.

Crossword Clue & Answer Definitions

  • MEWLS (verb)
    1. Softly or weakly.
  • WHIMPERS (verb)
    1. Weep softly or weakly.
  • WHIMPERS (noun)
    1. A complaint was made in a loud, wailing manner.