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Who is Capitano in Genshin Impact?

Who is Capitano in Genshin Impact

In the days prior to Genshin Impact releasing the A Winter Night’s Lazzo trailer, a number of members of Fatui’s Harbingers were still a mystery. Capitano was one of them. Find out more about the things we’ve been able to discover since.

who do you think is Capitano who is from Genshin Impact?

It’s not yet clear what rank Capitano is assigned to within his group of The Fatui Harbinger. However, due to the voice of Childe about the Captain voice, we can conclude two things: Capitano is extremely skilled in combat and is a top-ranked character probably in the third or fourth. Based on the trailer, we know that he’s tall and taller with an eminent male voice. He is also wearing a full-length coat and an iron face mask which completely hides his face. The voice of his character in the trailer suggests the importance he attaches to respect for his honor.

Do those Bloodstained Chivalry Artifacts set descriptions on Capitano?

In light of the iron mask is worn by him and his focus on honor, some fans have speculated that he may be connected to the knight depicted in the Bloodstained Chivalry Artifact set. This is highly likely since other Fatui Harbingers have their own personal stories disclosed in Artifact descriptions of sets, for instance, the La Signora of the Crimson Witch of Flames Artifact set.

The Bloodstained Chivalry Artifact set tells the tale of a knight that helped the damsel in distress. She gave him numerous rewards, but the knight took only one white flower from her and said that the virtue of chivalry was its own reward. It was not long before he fought for her but was a victim of so many beasts of the Abyss and the battle “had turned him from the white knight he used to be into the monster he had now become.” The knight’s adventure led him into the deepest part of the Abyss where the “learned the origin of the monsters that destroyed the ancient kingdom.” He was able to return to the Abyss to Teyvat however, he found that which he wanted to defend had been destroyed. The knight was always wearing a mask swearing to shield the eyes of all those who he was protecting from the monster he’d transformed into.

Although it is possible that the “ancient kingdom” could be an ode to Khaenri’ah the story of the knight has many of the same characteristics as Imunlaukr’s the warrior of the Sal Vindagnyr. If Capitano is indeed Imunlaukr, that will make him almost two thousand years old. Also, it would provide him with plenty of reasons to become a Fatui Harbinger, and to become part of their effort to take over Celestia.