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Why Captain Marvel’s Hairstyle Keeps Changing within the MCU

Why Captain Marvel’s Hairstyle Keeps Changing within the MCU

Since her first appearance in the 2019 film Captain Marvel, Carol Danvers has confirmed herself to be among the most effective players in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. From discovering the real nature of her abilities and getting them to work in her own film to her awe-inspiring eleventh-hour appearance in Avengers: Endgame where she completely destroyed Thanos his ship, the Sanctuary II -and then fought against The Mad Titan one-on-one There is no doubt that Danvers is extremely effective. One thing about her that hasn’t been as consistent as her powers: is her hairstyle.

Bradley Cooper

At first sporting, a shoulder-length cut during Captain Marvel, Carol’s hair was slicked back just a little by the time Marvel fans noticed her appearance in the first episode of Endgame when she saved and stuck Tony Stark and Nebula in the area and brought them back to Earth to discover the consequences of Thanos by using his Infinity Stones. The subsequent time she appeared, in a digital assembly with the remaining Avengers after the Blip, Danvers was sporting a drastically-different brief, uneven reduce — an element that’s glossed over apart from a fast throwaway line of dialogue from Rocket (Bradley Cooper). The next time Danvers appears in the film is during the final battle against Thanos but with the same short haircut which she wears until the final scene.


Marvel fans have their personal theories about the reasons Danvers has had to undergo several changes during her short screen time in the MCU. There could be a myriad of reasons that haven’t come to light, however. The reason behind Carol Danvers’ drastic chop could be more sensible purposes than others; longer hair is more susceptible to getting in someone’s face while flying and puts the person at risk when fighting enemies in the event that it is not trimmed in the manner. Although she wears armor to travel through space, however, it would have been more convenient in order for Danvers to not need to worry about her hair always being in her eyes, hence cutting it.

The Endgame

Perhaps, at minimum, it could be a method that has been refined to represent the span of time over the past few years. Danvers came back to Earth to confront Nick Fury’s pity sign in the same way as Steve Rogers shaved his iconic beard and Tony Stark’s locks became lighter over time in the early parts of The Endgame. Another reason for Carol’s less slender hairstyle on Endgame may be that the director’s Joe as well as Anthony Russo needed to mirror the shorter hairstyle of Carol in Marvel Comics which is where she is usually depicted with an edgier, shorter coiffure. The shorter hairstyle definitely is what makes Danvers look more powerful.

Why Captain Marvel’s Hairstyle Keeps Changing within the MCU

There’s a fan theory, however, which has more heartbreaking undertones. Reddit User CosmicBlooded believes that Carol had her head shaved before Endgame. Endgame to shows support for her dear friend Maria Rambeau, who followers found during WandaVisionhad died from cancer, two years following Thanos’s snap. Maria and Carol’s bond was a major aspect of the story of Captain Marvel and was the main reason Carol was able to remember her past and tap into the full potential of her abilities, so there’s no doubt that Carol will do something similar to this as a sign of her solidarity with her friend who was dying from the fatal disease. Maybe this will eventually be explored in the coming Captain Marvelsequel The Marvels which could feature Danvers and Maria’s daughter Monica who is reintroduced as a grown-up (Teyonah Parris) in WandaVision.

Captain Marvel has featured in two Phase Four titles: Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings and Ms. Marvel however, both appearances were brief appearances in post-credit sequences. Even though she had a limited duration of screens within Phase Four, it is impossible to forget that her hair has grown considerably from the end of Endgame however, once again the sequences were such that her shift in appearance was not discussed. Ms. Marvel’s post-credit sequence is believed to be a direct tie-in with The Marvels, which can have Kamala Khan assembly up together with her idols Carol Danvers and Monica Rambeau as Photon to embark on what promises to be a cosmological journey that could provide some insight into the plot hole.