Why is Roblox down?

September 23, 2022

Pro Game Guides can’t connect to Roblox or play games. Additionally, there is no information on the Twitter official account. In accordance with the Roblox Status website, and the official Roblox Status website, Roblox has identified and is working to fix the issue.

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Users across the world have been experiencing issues accessing their favorite Roblox games because of an issue that has caused Roblox to go down on September 22nd, 2022. Roblox recognizes the problem and has updated its status page to indicate that they are working to fix it.

The Roblox Status website is officially official. Roblox Status site has classified the problem as a disruption to service. All engineers are looking into the issue to bring the game that is loved by millions back on the internet.

Why Roblox isn’t working?

However, Roblox is still not functioning and is down until this service interruption is fixed. There is no official date for the date that Roblox will return to online. It could take just a couple of hours or longer for the issue to be repaired, given that Roblox was down for about four hours in the past.

According to the fan account @Roblox_RTC the functionality of Roblox is gradually returning to Roblox and this means that some players might be able to come back online, however, it’s not a guarantee that you’ll have the ability to join or play games.

We will keep close watch over the issue and regularly update this post with any developments related to the time Roblox will be returning to normal.


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