WimbleWorld Free Items

There are many exclusive items in WimbleWorld. To unlock them, you will need to know how. We have created this guide to help you do that. In case you didn’t know, promo code allows you to instantly get gifts


WimbleWorld Free Items Wimbledon Cap

These are the locations of the 7 glowing tennis balls.

  • Wimbledon store (inside).
  • The tradition gate entrance is located in fornt
  • Tennis court (back corner)
  • Jumbotron (underneath)
  • Front of the Jumbotron
  • Winbledon Stadium (infront)
  • Front of the Winbledon Queue

You can earn a Wayfinder badge, Wimbledon Cap badge or Wimbledon Cap item for collecting all 7.

WimbleWorld Free Items 1880’s Racket

Level 4 is required

You need XP to level up. To get XP, you simply have to play tennis matches. Win or lose, you will earn XP and you can quickly reach level 4.

Level 4 Rewards: 1880’s Racket


WimbleWorld Free Products – Sir And Murray’s Cap

Participate in the Strongman Simulator x Wimble World Crossover Event, equip the trophy, and cross the finish line at 300 times

  1. The crossover event can be accessed via the Strongman Simulator portal within the Wimbleworld video game.
  2. Once you have access, look for the golden W at the ground
  3. Equip the trophy to it (E key).
  4. You can cross the finish line as many times as you like.

Level 4 rewards: Sir And Murray’s cap

We will give you credit if you find a way to obtain any other object not listed in this guide.


This summer, explore Wimbledon by visiting WimbleWorld to play tennis on the All England Lawn Tennis Club’s hallowed greens. Meet your heroes, get coins, and play against friends in the most famous tournament of all tennis!

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