Win Our Hero Bundle Giveaway For Marvel Puzzle Quest!

You could win some adorable prizes from the Marvel Puzzle Quest. D3Go is our partner for this contest. We are hosting a special Hero Bundle Giveaway, where 5 winners will be able to purchase the following items in-game to enhance their accounts.

  • 1 Doctor Strange, 1 Gargantos (Sorcerer Supreme),1 American Chavez (Mordo), 1 Doctor Strange, 1 Gargantos,1 American Chavez, 1 Doctor Strange, 1 Scarlet Witch, (WandaVision), Comic Cover
  • 1. Wong (Master in Mystic Arts) Contributions for your heart.
  • 5000 Hero Points.
  • 50,000 Iso-8

You can win it now! To enter, simply visit our Twitter account and search for the giveaway post. It will have the same artwork that you see below. Five winners will be randomly chosen. That’s it! That’s all you have to do. If you are interested in the legalities, we have all the rules from D3. The final part of the contest will be held on Saturday, at most, until June 18th.

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