Wipe clean Crossword Clue

September 18, 2022

Here are the complete answers to the Wipe Clean Crossword clue that will aid you in solving the crossword you’re trying to solve!

Crosswords can be a fantastic method to engage your brain, take your time, and test yourself at the same time. But, at times, the crossword’s clue is completely confusing to us, regardless of whether we don’t know the subject or simply are at a loss for words. We have all the available solutions for the crossword puzzle Wipe Clean If you require assistance!

There’s no reason to feel ashamed even if you’re having trouble with the crossword! The puzzles cover a variety of areas, and it’s not easy to be an expert in every aspect. It is likely that as you play more puzzles, you’ll be able to recognize some of the clues that pop up!

Clean up the Crossword Clues Answers by wiping them clean.

A word can have many solutions, and we’ve provided all possible answers we have found for Clean up. This clue first appeared on the 18th of September, 2022 in The Newsday Crossword. It is recommended to cross-reference the length of the answer below with the length that is required in the crossword puzzle that you are working on to determine the right answer. The answer to the Wipe clean crossword clue Wipe clean crossword puzzle is:

  • ErASE (5 characters)

Below there, you’ll find the keyword (s) defined to help you comprehend the clue or answer better.

Crossword Clue & Answer Definitions

  • ERASE (verb)
    1. Remove by, or by rubbing or erasing.
    2. remove magnetically or digitally recorded data.


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