World of Warships will host a marathon to commemorate the 350th anniversary of Peter the Great

August 19, 2022

World of Warships developers prepared special events, gifts, and contests just for players.

From 15 to 30 June, World of Warships will host the anniversary marathon. Click on the button to join the event. Special missions for participants will be available with the marathon opening March 15th. These can be completed on ships and ships of higher standard and higher but also on superships or ships of higher quality.

Participants receive a commemorative patch with the Imperial Standard of Peter the Great and the unique Stormy Wind, Its Your Day Commander! and the unique collection and treasures of your treasures and treasures, as well as the Great Monogram.


The marathon’s main prize is a tribute to Peter I the Great, a Commander-emperor who has six skill points as well as specialization in Orlan. His voice and image were created by the development team with special care.

All marathon participants will be eligible to participate in the final drawing on July 1, 2013, which will be broadcast on World of Warships channel. You can also get souvenirs and prizes with themed symbols.


A naval battle with accurate shots will be commissioned in addition to members of the World of Warcrafts group, and the State Historical Museum.

To commemorate the 350th anniversary of Peter’s birth, World of Warships and the State Historical Museum created a special set of stickers for Telegrams. A sticker pack that is easy to understand will create a festive atmosphere. The official Telegram channel welcomes history buffs. O’Koleksaki is a memorial to Peter the Great and a visit at the Old Navy.

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