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Worlds first submarine-launched quadcopter unveiled last night

SpearUAV was founded by a veteran submariner and introduced a fourth-copter that launches at sea. A drone that can fly autonomously speeds up aerial reconnaissance missions beyond what the periscope can see. To hide the submarine’s location, the drone is now inserted onto the capsule. This can take up to 24 hours. The development is known by defense companies and they are prepared to adopt it.


To find the best solution would have taken time, money and effort. In the past, subs tried to solve problems beyond sight-time using balloons, seaplanes, and aircraft-type drones. However, it was difficult to maintain sanity on the surface. Compact drones have opened up new possibilities for a radar that can easily swoop under water. The drone can be carried in a small capsule and is easy to use. The drone’s vertical climb ability does not prevent it from landing safely in all weather conditions.

The Ninox 103 UW sub-to-air drone is 1 kg in weight and can be kept up to 45 minutes at a distance of 10 km. The drone was launched from an isolated capsule from a submarine. The capsule is lowered to the surface of the water until the stifling mechanism activates and the launching device is in the air. The remote drone is highly acoustic and thermal and has a visual signature. It also features an electro-optical/infrared sensor (EO/IR), which allows for target acquisition and recollection by artificial intelligence. To transmit, a transcript is required.

Colonel (Ret.), said that the Ninox 103 Sub-to-Air was the first technological innovation in the world and was created to meet the needs of SpearUAV customers all over the globe. Robert (Ret. Robert (Ret.) SpearUAV successfully tested the system and is currently working with several defense companies to develop new technologies.


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