WoW Dragonflight alpha adds notorious Hearthstone villain

Fans of WoW Dragonflight noticed a popular Hearthstone villain appearing in the MMORPG. This prompted speculation about Rafaam or Galakrond.

One of the most notorious Hearthstone villains appears to be making his way into World of Warcraft. This is evident from an appearance in the WoW Dragonflight. Although Hearthstone is based upon the MMORPG’s world and characters and lore it has also introduced its own heroes and villains through its many expansions. Rafaam is now one of the most beloved antagonists in , and has apparently decided to jump to the MMO.

Rafaam is seen in WoW Dragonflight Alpha build 44649. Wowhead reports. In Hearthstone’s 2015 League of Explorers adventure he appears as the ethereal archaeologist. He is the one responsible for the Staff of Origination artifact the titular explorers are looking for.


The curse that Arch-Thief Rafaam placed on the staff allows him to break into Hall of Explorers to attack the League. He can also use the power of his staff to his advantage during the adventure’s finale boss fight.

Rafaam vanished for many years after his defeat. He would make his return in 2019’s Rise of Shadows expansion. There, he was renamed Arch-Villain Rafaam, and a League of E.V.I.L. – He was then the antagonist for the entire year. This was during the Saviors of Udum and Descent of Dragons expansions.

The League of E.V.I.L.’s actions were quite shocking. The League of E.V.I.L.’s actions, which included taking the entire city of Dalaran hostage and obtaining a force called the Plague of Undeath, were actually in support of a master plan to resurrect Galakrond the mighty dragon. Galakrond is described in World of Warcraft’s legends as the “progenitor of Dragonkind”.

Galakrond is being considered as a potential antagonist in the WoW Dragonflight expansions. The Warcraft book series Dawn of the Aspects explains that the giant proto-dragon, Galakrond, was killed by the five dragons called the Aspects when he started to devour other dragons and bring them back to life.

So it makes sense that a returning Galakrond could be the primary candidate for an expansion centered on a return of the mythical Dragon Isles. Rafaam’s sudden arrival lends further credence to this theory. It’s possible, however, that Rafaam’s sudden appearance is a joke and not something more.

Fans are looking through the alpha build to find more WoW Dragonflight classes abilities. In World of Warcraft news, the Wrath of the Lich King Classic release dates appears to have been accidentally published on Blizzard.

World of Warcraft: Dawn of the Aspects cover credit to Glenn Rane & Blizzard Entertainment

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