Xbox announces Cloud Gaming and Remote Play for new Logitech System

September 21, 2022

Xbox will be the first to be sharing Cloud Gaming and Remote Play services on the brand new Logitech handheld device.

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The Gaming Handheld, the Logitech G CLOUD Gaming Handheld, scheduled to launch on the 17th of October for North America, will officially come with two services: Xbox Cloud Gaming and Xbox Remote Play. Here’s the most important update from Xbox’s Twitter feed:


Xbox Cloud Gaming has received mixed reviews, however, it definitely has its benefits. For instance, Xbox One users can access games for next-gen consoles which support cloud gaming without the need to purchase a Series X or wait for an invitation to purchase. This also reduces the amount of time waiting by not requiring the installation process from taking too long, which can be particularly long for games with larger amounts or consoles that aren’t connected to Ethernet.

The addition of each of Cloud Gaming and Remote Play could really make Logitech’s brand new system a formidable rival. The transformation of games that are compatible with Cloud Gaming into something mobile is a great way to make money.

The mobile gaming arena has always been dominated by Nintendo and its OLED Switch console offers an array of powerful features to play games and improve quality of life. Nintendo also has an impressive library and has recently announced the game called pokemon Scarletand Violette-in Switch.

Also, there’s the universally adored Steam Deck, who revealed in July that the consoles were scheduled to be delivered to existing reservations at the close of this year. The reviews are positive and things are getting better in the production department. Additionally, Steam is a powerful platform that has a distinct and remarkable character.

The simple act of providing an Xbox voice to Logitech’s new handheld can be a great shortcut and is absolutely essential as Xbox already has support for Steam Deck. Steam Deck too. The most significant issue will be the cost of Logitech’s handheld, which could not be competitive enough.

It’s also to be determined how it will work Cloud Gaming and Remote Play will actually work with Logitech as a lot of gamers questioning the possible delay and quality of the images.


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