Xbox could get its own take on Monster Hunter from a long-time Halo support studio

An Xbox game based on Monster Hunter is in development, according to a former Halo support team.

Windows Central has limited details, but it says the project is in development since summer 2020. It will likely be revealed and released by 2023, although these dates can change.

Certain Affinity was founded in 2006 by Max Hoberman (an ex-Bunggie developer), and has been closely working with Microsoft ever since the launch of the Xbox 360. It has been involved in the development of numerous Halo games since 2007, as well as Call of Duty titles, 2016, Doom and Left 4 Dead. It has also created its own games, including 2008 RTS Age of Booty (for whom a mobile sequel was released in 2014) and 2011 ARPG Crimson Alliance. It is currently working on Transformers Online, as well as another game, Last Expedition (opens in new window).

Polgon describes the last title as an original FPS. describes it as “a four-player co-op set on a hellish alien planet.” Although it’s unclear if there are any connections between Project Suerte and Last Expedition, the multiplayer and otherworldly aspects suggest that there are some common threads with current Monster Hunter.

Although Project Suerte’s reveal is still at least a year off, it is another sign that Microsoft is building strength. While there is no word on whether this will be an exclusive Xbox title, Creative Affinity’s past with the platform suggests it could be another weapon in the console’s slowly-developing arsenal.

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