Xbox Game Pass Reveals Final Additions for June 2022

Xbox Game Pass today announced that the last series will be arriving on the service in June 2022. This month has become quite popular for GamePass subscribers. There have been a few new additions to GamePass in the first half October. Xbox gave fans a glimpse at a variety of titles that will be available on GamePass as well as the Xbox & Bethesda Games Showcase. We now know the plans of Microsoft to close Game Pass in June and resume that service in July.

Over the course of June, Xbox Game Pass will add four more games. Two of the titles have been added to Game Pass today. If you are a subscriber, you can add the titles to your library and begin playing immediately. Xbox Live revealed that these games were not the only ones available. Fans can also see the July release date and which game will be released on Xbox Live next month.

Here’s a complete breakdown of what it will be like for Xbox Game Pass over the next few days:

  • Shadowrun Trilogy (Councrow and Console), is now available.
  • Total War: Three Kingdoms (PC), are now available.
  • FIFA 22 (Console and Computer) June 23-23.
  • Naraka: Bladepoint. 23 juin: Cloud, console, and PC
  • Far Cry 5. (Cloud, Console and PC) July 1, 2001

As you can see, FIFA 22 (and Far Cry 5) are the most well-known games on this list. These are the most popular additions to the list, but Total War: Three Kingdoms (and Naraka: Bladepoint) are titles that should appeal to many.

What do you think will be the last console and gaming system? Would you like to try any of these games?

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