Xbox Games with Gold for February 2022 gives out running action and old-school adventure

Four Xbox Games with Gold have been added to the new Xbox Games with Gold lineup for February 2022. Subscribers will receive four games throughout the month.

This latest collection of Xbox Games with Gold spans Xbox’s history. Release dates range from last year all the way back to 2010. They’re yours once you’ve claimed them. This month’s offerings include what Microsoft has for January.

Broken Sword 5 – The Serpent’s Curse, February 1 – 28
Broken Sword 5 is the last chapter in Revolution’s wildly popular adventure series. It returns players to the dual roles of George Stobbart, an American insurance assessor, and Nicole Collard, a French journalist on a world-trotting mystery that was sparked by an art heist. Broken Sword is a classic point-and click adventure that you will enjoy.

Aerial_Knight’s No Yield – February 16 – March 15
Imagine if an endless runner could have an end and take you on a cinematic journey through the streets of Detroit, with a soundtrack by a local artist along the way. Aerial_Knight’s Never Yield is a passion-driven creation by Neil Jones. It’s also set to receive an additional content update in the future, so now is the best time to grab it.

Hydrophobia – February 1-15
Hydrophobia is an action-shooter for third-person that features surprisingly deep water physics. It’s a rare glimpse back to the “AA” era of action games. While too small to be a AAA blockbuster but too large to be an indie, it’s still a great game. You should play it just to experience all the water effects.


Band of Bugs – February 16 to 28, 2008
Band of Bugs, a game where you can play as an Xbox avatar, is a window to another era. Band of Bugs allows you to immediately enter tactical, turn-based battles with bugs. This is a great way to show them how the bottom of a shoe looks.

Xbox Games with Gold January 2022

  • NeuroVoider January 1 – 31
  • Aground – February 16 to February 15, 2008
  • Radiant Silvergun – January 1-15
  • Space Invaders Infinity Gene January 16 to 31

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