Xboxs Come on Samsung Smart TVs No Console Needed


Wouldn’t you love it to turn on your TV and played hundreds of games on your hands. Soon , you’ll be able to. Xbox announced on its website today that it is working together with Samsung to bring games to smart televisions. A press release regarding this partnership details the effects of games. Additionally, Ashley McKissick, corporate vice president for gaming experiences discusses the ways this partnership will provide more obstacles for gamers.

Xbox announced that they were looking to collaborate with the makers of smart TVs to incorporate gaming into their televisions. This partnership with Samsung is a solution to these demands. It means that gamers will be able to play hundreds of games from their smart TVs using Xbox. Xbox app. The Xbox app will be available on TVs which means that players will be able to play games on games on the Game Pass and enable everyone who does not own the console.

As a team, Samsung and Xbox partnered to launch Xbox Game Pass to millions of Samsung Galaxy phones across the globe. We are now teaming up with Xbox for the purpose of bringing gamers the Xbox Gaming experience onto Samsung’s 2022 smart televisions. I hope that you enjoy gaming via the cloud on smart TVs across 27 countries on the 30th.Says Ashley McKissick is the vice head for Gaming Experiences & Platforms.

Naturally, this means that cloud gaming will soon be available on the TV. The app will be compatible with your Microsoft account as well as the Xbox app is available on the Smart TV’s hub. It also gives the chance to play more of their favourite Game Pass games. Are you sure you’re ready?

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